Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Where did I buy Anmum with cheaper price..

Oh my oh my..
Lama tinggal blog .. Ever since I do not have a lappy-internet-connection at home my internet saviour was only my phone.
So, today.. 04.02.2015, Wednesday, is my lil boy 1st day at Taska..
He didn't cry when my mum and I dropped him at Taska, but he looked puzzled. I didn't get to 'bye-bye' him since I made my way out so quick because tears were coming down....
Hisshh.. so drama. Mum and I were both with tears and the lil boy was not. I do hope he is ok.
What did I tell my boy? Do not hit anyone ok my dear.. Be nice.. Behave nicely.
What did I tell the teacher? If you lost your patience, just give me a call..
But that's ok. I am going to pick him up at 2pm today.. Bahaha.. Slowly transition from half day to full day. InsyaAllah..
After a year of fully breastfeeding my baby only I started feeding him with formula milk. *No judgement please.. I am just glad that my mum was staying with us, so that I can go back home whenever I like. I tried Anmum Infacare and thank goodness so far so good. Nothing bad *touchwood* happened yet. But the thing is, Anmum Infacare is quite pricey, well at least to me. I know there are lots of other brand which are cheaper, but I would love to try my best to give whatever the best I think for my lil boy.
*waving bye-bye to new shoes and handbags
From Mr. Google & one aunty at Tesco, I found that, Anmum is sold cheaper at 99 Speedmart and Kedai Ubat Cina.. Please take note, I only survey for Anmum, so I have no idea about other brands. So, I went to Seksyen 14, Petaling Jaya, where both of the shops mentioned are located. I always compare prices, but then Infacare was not available at the moment at Speedmart so I bought at Pusat Ubat-Ubatan dan Kedai Serbaneka (pic). It is RM51.80 for 650g. If I am not mistaken, Tesco sells at RM59 and I never see them on sale. Okla.. Murah few RM and it is near to my place.

The shop. Located nearby Maybank, Digital Mall.. opposite of Wah Chan.

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