Friday, February 6, 2015

My Little Boy :: 1 Year Old

My little boy is 1 year old .. 
DOB : 26 January 2015..

How time flies.. 

He can walk.. A bit unstable but certainly can walk all the way without scratching his knees.
Has 8 teeth.
He can say mama.. but sometimes it goes mamamamama.. So I am not sure whether he knows what mama means yet.
He is not scared of cats. Some of my mum's cats would run away from him.
Loves to eat cod liver oil.. Oh my.. That tastes T_______T .. But then, good boy!

Looking at this picture made me realize how big he is now. Some of his shirts can't fit him nicely anymore. Time for mummy to shop then. 

This one lawak.. I sent this to my mum.. This pic was taken at Tesco's Jitra food court. 
My mum made a caption "Bila makanan nak sampai. Nak balik SP".
*Sg.Petani is where my parents live. 
 Another thing which I never fail to remind myself is to keep a saving for my little boy. When he was in my tummy, I took the Prudential insurance, to protect both of us. I just couldn't bare if he comes out with any sickness and it would be a nightmare if I can't afford to pay the bills.
You get what I mean? Or did I think too much? That's what mother does best right?

I never knew being a mother is really a tough work. *roll sleeves..
I even had an Excel worksheet to put all my expenses, budget, his saving etc. Change to a new car is definitely not an option at all. I wonder during his time, will PTPTN still exists and will the cost of tertiary education increase by the time. Oh my.. I really need to slow down. 

I had opened a Tabung Haji account for him just right after I finished my confinement. Yes.. I was that super excited, couldn't wait for any delay. All angpaos will definitely go into that account. I read that you are suppose to spread your money (not that I have too much), so last week, I opened an ASB account for him. Just like mummy. Now we have both account. Baru geng.

Remaja sangat.. 

So next January I get to update his too. 



syaqina said...

hi.. i terbaca u ckp nail bar @ isetan tu kat mana? saw in one of ur old post.... can email me at

syaqina said...

hi.. i terbaca u ckp nail bar @ isetan tu kat mana? saw in one of ur old post.... can email me at


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