Thursday, September 11, 2014

Skip Hop | Pronto! Changing Station

I have just received a Skip Hop Pronto! Changing Station today. I was supposed to receive my lil boy new stroller too but somehow that particular seller didn't reply my WA this afternoon. Apparently she was like a reseller. Well that's what I thought since the supplier was the one delivering the item. Never mind. Let's just hope I shall receive the item tomorrow. FYI, it has been almost 2 weeks delay. 

Moving on.

I just think I have to had this Pronto changing station since I don't like to bring my school-bag-like diaper bag when I go out. My husband should have acknowledged the existence of Storksak or Skip Hop before buying the bag. As for the time being, my diaper bag a.k.a my office bag is Longchamp medium size. 

So, let see..

The size when it is folded is 7.7" x 12" x 1". It has zipper compartment outside to put your small items and also a transparent case for your wipe. 

I purchased this item from D'wana Shopz. She has a FB page called ERGObaby Carrier & StorkSak  Malaysia (Authorised Retailer)

I tell u. She is one of the best seller I have ever met. I always like online seller who has very good discipline/attitude throughout the buying process. I normally 'malas' to ask questions like 'When are you going to deliver the item' or 'Have you delivered the item since I have not received it yet' or 'Could you kindly provide me with the details of the delivery'. I do not want to sound like a fussy/annoying buyer. 

And yes.. I do understand how hard it is for working-at-home-mum to reply our text a.s.a.p. But still if it has been delayed for weeks and the item is not cheap (I make prompt payment as always) and you didn't make any effort to update your FB page/ Instagram etc, I think any customer would turn into annoying buyer. 

Back to the Skip Hop Pronto Changing Station.

How big it is?

I think my lil boy's bump can fit onto it since it is quite huge. 

And best of all, it fits into my bag.

Go visit D'wana Shopz

FYI, she is a WAHM and currently 7 months pregnant. So have some patient if she does not reply your message after 5 minutes. Based on my own experience dealing with her, it was never disappointing yet. So, if you are looking for any items from Storksak, Ergo carrier or Cosatto etc brands, kindly proceed to her page.


p/s - As usual, this is my own personal review and the item is bought with my own money. 

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Cik Puan Fairul said...

salam maisarah,cantek jugak changing mat skip hop tu..saya pon beli kat nurul jugak.memang torbaik


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