Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Modern Mosquito Net a.k.a Kelambu Moden


No idea whether that was the correct name for it but I just translate 'kelambu moden' directly. 

My lil boy's face and ears before was fill with red spots. Mosquito spots. But thank goodness those mosquitoes are normal mosquito. Thank goodness. I watched them closely (after I killed them) and there's no zebra line at their body at all. That should be a good sign right? Many people commented on my lil boy's red spots with.. "Kena gigit nyamuk ke?" .. "Tak tidur dalam kelambu ke?" I know I'm going to be sarcastic here since I felt all those questions make me look bad. Mari bersangka baik, these people were concern. No.. Not you my friend. You don't text me after this asking whether it's you or not ok. But I do appreciate your concern. I don't really mind with people asking but it's just how they ask it. Get it? 

Never mind. Let's forget about that.

These are all after I found Ridsect-spray and mosquito-repellent-electric type were no use.

So, in order for my lil boy to get his cute-clear face back, I purchased mosquito repellent patch. Actually I bought them way before but somehow it didn't work. By saying it didn't work, I mean when I woke up in the morning, my lil boy will still get additional red spots. I bought from 3 brands - Tiger Balm, Guardian/Watsons (I check later) and Mozzy. They smell like lemongrass. 

Then, I bought the Aedes Buster from Khind. It cost me RM126. 

This Aedes Buster works fine by trapping mosquitoes in it. When my husband asked my how it works, I explain to him - Nyamuk tu akan terperangkap di dalam dan terlekat di getah kat bawah dan terhidrat lalu mati. Get it? He sure gets it but with frown. My lil boy still gets red spots btw. 

Then I remembered seeing somewhere about mosquito net. I didn't want the hanging type so opted for this. Found this modern type (as people claimed it) at It is bottom part partially covered so it can fit any mattress regardless how thick it is. That's what I thought. I purchased from seller name Cosimo (no.. that's not their name) and turned out they are the best seller ever I have ever met. I purchased the wrong size and requested for an exchange. They sent it out the next day even though I haven't returned it yet. Please do not take things for granted. And of course I paid for the differences (diff size, diff price).  

It turned out the best solution ever although it's quite 'leceh' to come in and out from the bed. But we do our best for our children right? So yeah.. That's the story of our journey battling with mosquitoes. 

p/s - This is my personal review. I purchased everything with my own money.

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