Thursday, September 11, 2014

Skip Hop | Pronto! Changing Station

I have just received a Skip Hop Pronto! Changing Station today. I was supposed to receive my lil boy new stroller too but somehow that particular seller didn't reply my WA this afternoon. Apparently she was like a reseller. Well that's what I thought since the supplier was the one delivering the item. Never mind. Let's just hope I shall receive the item tomorrow. FYI, it has been almost 2 weeks delay. 

Moving on.

I just think I have to had this Pronto changing station since I don't like to bring my school-bag-like diaper bag when I go out. My husband should have acknowledged the existence of Storksak or Skip Hop before buying the bag. As for the time being, my diaper bag a.k.a my office bag is Longchamp medium size. 

So, let see..

The size when it is folded is 7.7" x 12" x 1". It has zipper compartment outside to put your small items and also a transparent case for your wipe. 

I purchased this item from D'wana Shopz. She has a FB page called ERGObaby Carrier & StorkSak  Malaysia (Authorised Retailer)

I tell u. She is one of the best seller I have ever met. I always like online seller who has very good discipline/attitude throughout the buying process. I normally 'malas' to ask questions like 'When are you going to deliver the item' or 'Have you delivered the item since I have not received it yet' or 'Could you kindly provide me with the details of the delivery'. I do not want to sound like a fussy/annoying buyer. 

And yes.. I do understand how hard it is for working-at-home-mum to reply our text a.s.a.p. But still if it has been delayed for weeks and the item is not cheap (I make prompt payment as always) and you didn't make any effort to update your FB page/ Instagram etc, I think any customer would turn into annoying buyer. 

Back to the Skip Hop Pronto Changing Station.

How big it is?

I think my lil boy's bump can fit onto it since it is quite huge. 

And best of all, it fits into my bag.

Go visit D'wana Shopz

FYI, she is a WAHM and currently 7 months pregnant. So have some patient if she does not reply your message after 5 minutes. Based on my own experience dealing with her, it was never disappointing yet. So, if you are looking for any items from Storksak, Ergo carrier or Cosatto etc brands, kindly proceed to her page.


p/s - As usual, this is my own personal review and the item is bought with my own money. 

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Modern Mosquito Net a.k.a Kelambu Moden


No idea whether that was the correct name for it but I just translate 'kelambu moden' directly. 

My lil boy's face and ears before was fill with red spots. Mosquito spots. But thank goodness those mosquitoes are normal mosquito. Thank goodness. I watched them closely (after I killed them) and there's no zebra line at their body at all. That should be a good sign right? Many people commented on my lil boy's red spots with.. "Kena gigit nyamuk ke?" .. "Tak tidur dalam kelambu ke?" I know I'm going to be sarcastic here since I felt all those questions make me look bad. Mari bersangka baik, these people were concern. No.. Not you my friend. You don't text me after this asking whether it's you or not ok. But I do appreciate your concern. I don't really mind with people asking but it's just how they ask it. Get it? 

Never mind. Let's forget about that.

These are all after I found Ridsect-spray and mosquito-repellent-electric type were no use.

So, in order for my lil boy to get his cute-clear face back, I purchased mosquito repellent patch. Actually I bought them way before but somehow it didn't work. By saying it didn't work, I mean when I woke up in the morning, my lil boy will still get additional red spots. I bought from 3 brands - Tiger Balm, Guardian/Watsons (I check later) and Mozzy. They smell like lemongrass. 

Then, I bought the Aedes Buster from Khind. It cost me RM126. 

This Aedes Buster works fine by trapping mosquitoes in it. When my husband asked my how it works, I explain to him - Nyamuk tu akan terperangkap di dalam dan terlekat di getah kat bawah dan terhidrat lalu mati. Get it? He sure gets it but with frown. My lil boy still gets red spots btw. 

Then I remembered seeing somewhere about mosquito net. I didn't want the hanging type so opted for this. Found this modern type (as people claimed it) at It is bottom part partially covered so it can fit any mattress regardless how thick it is. That's what I thought. I purchased from seller name Cosimo (no.. that's not their name) and turned out they are the best seller ever I have ever met. I purchased the wrong size and requested for an exchange. They sent it out the next day even though I haven't returned it yet. Please do not take things for granted. And of course I paid for the differences (diff size, diff price).  

It turned out the best solution ever although it's quite 'leceh' to come in and out from the bed. But we do our best for our children right? So yeah.. That's the story of our journey battling with mosquitoes. 

p/s - This is my personal review. I purchased everything with my own money.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Have Some Respect...


Entri kali ini adalah luahan hati dari aku.. Mengandung for 40 weeks.. Overdue few days before my bundle of joy greeted the world. BARU jadi mak selama 7 bulan 7 hari.. Alhamdulillah.. 

Before I continue, I would just clarify few things..
  • I am beyond grateful for Allah S.W.T. has given me a cute little boy.
  • I am deeply thankful to my mother who willingly sacrificed her time to come over and stay with me all this while to take care of my little boy.
  • I am grateful that my dad didn't really complain about being left alone at home. T_____T .. 
  • I am just grateful that I am still here and stronger to keep on living despite any obstacles that keep on coming. Bring it on!! 
So, here it goes.. Rojak ya entri ni.

Aku pegang satu je kadang. Jadi mak nie hati kena kering. 

Contoh.. Bila orang dtg dekat cakap nak dukung anak aku. This happened once when I was at Guardian, Jitra. I was contemplating but still I pass my lil boy to the staff, knowing that she won't be running out of the store. I pray hard my lil boy to cry in the stranger's arm but no.. He didn't. Alhamdulillah everything turned out fine. It happened again for the 2nd time when I was at Gold Coast Morib for my dept.'s family day. The staff asked politely to carry my lil boy and this time I managed to decline. Waktu tu rasa muka palsu sgt sbb bagi sebab pun mcm tak yakin. I should just say no firmly next time. 

My lil boy has started his solid food regime eating at 5.5 months. My mother suggested to make porridge for him. Mak aku macam pelik kalau kita buat 'puree' bagai ni. Aku terus pergi beli Little Bean food processor sebab nak kena blend bubur dan takut kalau mak aku bg makan bubur camtu je. Nasib la mak aku nie ok je ngan anak dia ni. 

Aku selalu dengar cerita pasal orang lain yg rajin bagi makan kat anak orang lain. Rajin itu bagus. Tapi pada aku, biarlah bertempat rajin tu. Habis sopan dah ni aku taip. Aku pernah la jugak nampak makcik sumbat makan kat anak org lain. Tapi aku bersangka baik dan anggap mak budak tu tak kisah. TAPI, aku semestinya tak mau anak yang disumbat makan tu anak aku. Biasanya bila org offer nak bagi anak aku makan, aku segan silu ckp tak per.. atau.. aku diam saja buat2 tak dgr. Selalunya aku buat tak dgr lah. Sebab aku bukan pandai pun. Kang dia jawab balik anak dia dah berapa dia bg makan hidup je, dah aku tak tau nak jawab aper. 

Biasa bila aku dengan husband aku, aku mmg abih sopan la jawab. Satg malu pulak laki aku dgr bini dia jawab. Sebab bila dia pulak x puas hati, nnt dia bisik je kat aku dgn harapan aku la yg tegur. Nak nampak tak elok, aku jugak. Kalau ngan mak aku pun sama.. Satg kang ada ckp mak aku tak pandai ajar anak dia pulak. Realiti kan? Ayah aku? Ayah aku rilek je. Dia tau anak dia camna. Satg dia tolong back up baik punya. 

Prinsip aku senang je. Ko nak bagi burger kat anak ko yg umur 7 bulan pun aku TAK KISAH.. Anak orang lain, baik ko tanya dulu mak dia. Macam aku cakap td..Rajin tu biarlah bertempat. Takkanlah orang sibuk jual dadah, engkau pun nak rajin tolong org tu jual dadah.. Ader kaitan? Takder abaikan. 

Aku rasa habis baik dah aku taip entri nie. Kalau ada yang terasa, aku pun tak tau lah. Pandai2 lah bawa diri. Dulu rasa macam keji sgt bila over protective ke over paranoid ke towards my lil boy. Aku punya rasa bersalah sebab tak pandai teran - kena pakai vakum sampai skang kot.. kuar2 kepala panjang. Tu pun rasa mcm aper tah. Lps tu bila baca kisah org lain yang anak dia meninggal sebab sakit etc, aku terus pikir.. Aku pun tak tau berapa lama Allah S.W.T nak bagi pinjam Umar kat aku. So, I just don't care. I do what I want to do. Itu je lah harta aku. 

Mohon faham. Faham sikit pun jadi. Sebab aku rasa husband aku pun bukan faham sgt. 


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