Thursday, July 3, 2014

Review : Ramadhan Tex-Mex Buffet at Frontera

It is Ramadhan again!! Today is our day 5th of fasting and hopefully everyone is enjoying Ramadhan and grab all the opportunity of doing good deeds more. For those who like to visit Bazar Ramadhan would definitely love Ramadhan simply because it means food galore month. Alhamdulillah. Prays to God for being able to be here again to experience Ramadhan. 

Last 2 weeks, I had a chance to try Ramadhan Tex-Mex Buffet at Frontera, Jaya One. Their menu includes starter, main dishes and dessert. Let see what Frontera has to offer.


Mushroom & Chipotle Soup with Homemade Herbed Croutons
Carne Asada Taco (beef)
Yutacan Prawn Taco
BBQ Wing with Cilantro Ranch Dressing
Beef Taquitos with Salsa Verde & Sour Cream
Mexican Rice
Baked Potatoes with Parmesan Cheese


For mains, you can choose one menu from the attached list. 

I always go for chicken and beef but then my friend and I was like, why not we tried fish tonight. 
So, presenting...

Fabulous Fish Burger. One of the mains. We love it. I would definitely recommend to you to try this one. 

Maple Glazed Salmon. Perhaps for Salmon lover, you would love this one. If I have to opt, I would choose the burger. 
Yes. I eat fat. 


Chipotle Chocolate Brownies
Fruita de Crema
Mexican Flan
Banana, Chocolate & Marshmallow Chimichanga

Dessert.. I always wait for dessert.. Even sometimes most of the time, the first thing I would eyed was desserts.

The desserts' texture was quite dense as compared to the normal that I usually had. For example, the Mexican Flan was really thick and creamy (I think those 2 words described it correctly. Correct me if I'm wrong). I would compare it with our 'caramel pudding'. Normally I can eat more than 1 piece but perhaps I ate much before till I forget to save some space for desserts. Blimey. 

  1. The menus (starters, mains & dessert) will change periodically. 
  2. We will be increasing the number of starters to 12 & dessert to 6, but remaining main course options to 12. 
  3. Prayer room is available.
  4. Ice Lemon Tea is free flow 
  5. For every group of 8 pax, 1 dine for free (e.g. 7 pay, 1 free)
  6. Customised menu is available for groups of 30 & above. 
  7. Menu price: RM 50++ (RM 58nett)

For more info/inquiry/reservation you can refer here:
  1. Frontera Sol of Mexico
  2. 83-G.2, Block E, the Square, Jaya One, 72A, Jalan Universiti, 46200 PJ. 
  3. 0379588515 or 0122928096 (Ramesh)
  6. Reservation is a MUST 
  7. Attached are the maps

Please take note. Frontera is a pork free restaurant. The meat is halal, but they serve alcohol beverage. 

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