Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Appreciate Life More..

I don't know why.. 

But I doubt it's the motherhood hormonal changes. 

I am easily touched when I watched/read/listened to sad baby stories. How they are sick.. how they died.. He knows better. Heaven is the place for them. I just couldn't imagine myself in their mothers' place. Never. I bet all mothers would feel the same way I do too. I used to feel so stress even now when my baby refuses to sleep, crying non stop especially in the morning, when it is 3 am. Thank goodness it is not often. But, there were time when he sleeps soundly till 6 hours, I freak out. I keep checking his tummy whether it's moving or not. Satisfied enough? No? Then I'll check the breathing. Oh my. How paranoid I was.  Still am. Then, I told myself I should be grateful that he wakes up in the middle of the morning for milk so that I know he's good. When I read in the newspaper the baby died because of sudden death in his/her car seat, I become aware each time when he is placed in the car seat throughout any long journey. This morning baby Izz died after went through operation. He didn't survive. I don't know the mother. I stumbled upon her Instagram and found that her baby was diagnosed with 'jantung berlubang, lemah jantung and saluran darah sempit'. Oh my. Baby Izz was so cute. Each photos that her mother posted was of him smiling even with tube in his mouth. He's not even 2 months yet but Allah loves him more. 


I just couldn't bring myself to that kind of situation if anything happen to my baby. I need to start appreciating my life, my baby and my family and everything. If the husband doesn't want to wake up when Umar is crying at 3 am, so be it. I just have to appreciate more because on the other hand, not everyone was gifted with children.

"For every woman unhappy with her postpartum marks, is another who wishes she had them"

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