Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Salam readers...

Oh my. I've been neglecting the blog for months. Blame the pregnancy hormone.. I found that being pregnant is one of the best excuses ever. I can say to my partner that I'm tired, when he wanted to go to places that I didn't feel like going.. Aiya.. Now he's going to know that I was just making excuses all this while. But of course not like 'tipu sangat' since I noticed when my pregnancy entered 4 months, my movement became slower. I couldn't walk as fast as I could like before. That was kinda frustrating. How did I know I am slower now? My other half walks faster than me now.


Sorry dear.. But you do know that I love you despite all the mood swing-drama-whatever aite?

I rarely cook now. Not that I'm a good cook. The opposite actually. So lots of tapau food now. For this moment, I really want to enjoy for not having to cook much.. Hehe. 

Currently, I am experiencing 'gatal-gatal' all over my body and all I could think was maybe it was due to my stretched skin especially around my belly. I know it's forbidden to 'garu-garu' but I just couldn't help it. I've tried Sebamed Olive Face & Body Wash and Cosmoderm Shower Gel with Tea Tree Oil but they weren't really any help. On top of that, I use Rosken Dry Skin Cream and Bio Oil after each shower. Not much help but I could only believe at least the scar will heal faster. Another product that I use is Prickly Heat Powder. My mum called it 'bedak ular'. My doctor wanted to give me medicine for that, but I kinda hesitate to take in any medicine except vitamin since past few months I took in so many panadols due to fever. 

No. Not that I know better than my doctor. Just my own thought. 

Should have tilted my head a bit since my butt-tummy size looks alike Ronald McDonald already. That's me at 18 weeks.


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