Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Something That Makes Me Smile..

Salam readers... 

Sorry for being silent for the past few months.. There are so many things to tell and a couple of food reviews which I have been neglected to do.. I'm really sorry for that. Truth is, I've been down with fever on and off for the couple months since I got back from Bali. And soon I found that I'm late and discovered that I'm pregnant. Alhamdulillah.. Frankly, I didn't know how to react, didn't even tell my parents until I did the pregnancy test 3 times. T________T .. The doctor even laughed at me when I told him that. First I did with the normal RM10 stripe. 2 lines. Second, I did with Clearblue RM19 (I think). + sign. Third, I did with the Clearblue Digital pregnancy test (that shows estimated weeks of pregnancy). Bought from AA Farmasi with cheaper price. It shows 3+ weeks. I'm just glad I bought the Clearblue test so, it won't be embarrassing to carry it in my bag to show it to the doctor. Just imagine if I brought the stripe only? Don't think I'd put them in my handbag. 

Ok. So, it's true. I'm carrying our baby. My first scan shows only the baby with no heart beat yet. So, I was like, let's wait for another couple of weeks. Then, 2nd scan doctor said.. There's heart beat already. And now everything becomes so surreal. I need to watch my food intake, my activities. Need to climb up stairs slowly, one stair by one stair. T_________T. Mind you, my house is at level 4 with no lift. Not that I'm complaining, but I always run up to my house so I could reach my house fast. One thing to be glad, that I'm down with fever probably due to hormonal changes not because of some virus infection etc. Doctor even got my urine tested for infection and glad it was normal. 

During my 4th weeks, I had a muscle spasm/cramp from my neck up until my jaw and eyes. It was really painful especially jaw locking and when it mess with my wisdom tooth. The symptom almost like tetanus. It lasted from 4.30 pm till 9 pm. I drove to my panel clinic, then suddenly the pain was unbearable so, I decided to go to Pantai Hospital. I thought they could do something to ease the pain but truth is the treatment was the same but of course I got my own space. I was so glad my friends was with me. We went to Pantai Hospital but since I was pregnant, the doctor couldn't do much and he said he could not give any pain killer. They did blood test and said that my calcium was ok. Treatment cost : RM251. My brother was nagging, that I didn't eat much and he was consulting with his friends who is studying medicine. I love my brothers. We didn't even tell our parents, who were on their way to KL (the day after tomorrow, was my brother engagement ceremony at Pahang) and my brother broke the news only when they arrived at my place. 

My face looks like I gained 5kg because it was kinda swollen and I couldn't eat much and I could only yawn halfheartedly because it was painful when I opened my mouth wide. I slept with Salonpas patch on my left cheek in order to make me sleep well for the rest of the week. It helps. And of course thanks to my other half. I only bbm-ed him when I went to the panel and he didn't reply so I presumed he was busy (not that I purposely didn't call you). I call my girls, and my girls was updating the news with him since I couldn't talk much. My face was senget already at that time. They didn't even let me look at the mirror. I must be looking like ^&^*&%&^ that time. So, there goes my first painful experience. I'm quite traumatized each time I'm feeling hungry for I certainly do not want any 2nd experience of that. No morning sickness yet (that's a question people keep asking me) and hopefully not in the future. InsyaAllah. 


Budak Kenit said...

congrats kak! :)
take care ye. jangan lupa makan. hehe..

MY said...

hahaha... Thanks dear.. ok.. makan wajib in the list all the time now..

Siti Nadey said...


lame sgt tak dengar khabar


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