Thursday, March 28, 2013

Buy Women's Weekly April 2013 Free Neutrogena Ageless Set

I purposely drove to SS2 Mall after I found about the free Neutrogena set with purchase of Women's Weekly at Times book store. 

Yup.. And I did call them prior getting into my car. My other half was just laughing about the fact I drove to the mall just to get the magazine. It's free (not the magazine).. and it's not in sample size. Btw, do take note on the expiry date. Mine expire in Sept./Oct. 2013. 

They did such an amazing job..

Kudos to the guys who washed my Bobo awesomely. The really did such an amazing job despite it's merely just an improper car wash, not that salon-type-with-a-nice-roof-or-a-proper-shop-lot. It was such a relief to see Bobo in nice white colour back. It was my bad, being lazy to visit car wash weekly. Knowing that it's white in colour, I really need to take extra care of it look. 

It was my 2nd visit to car wash on the same day. You heard me right. I washed the car twice on the same day. Initially in the morning, I sent it to Seksyen 14, PJ since I had some errands to be done. RM 10 for the car wash and vacuum. Standard price right. Then, turned out, it was not clean at all. Well, I'm pretty sure you out there with white colour car should know how it will be after weeks you didn't wash your car. I was devastated but too speechless, then I've been thinking of sending my car for polish and wax. But it would cost more. I'm a bit reluctant since I just sent it for polish last month by using Groupon voucher. Then, I decided why not go to the car wash I regularly visit. Immediately, I went to the car wash although the weather kinda not friendly at all. I can't seat tight without thinking of my car. 

I asked first of course whether this is washable or not. Kita tak nak pisang berbuah 2 kali kan. RM 10 pun duit jugak. You don't simply spend RM10 for trash job. They used chemical (that's what they call it) to clean it away. It was not my first time after all. Then, the boss came and we chit chat a bit. And I told him my story. So, he suggested to do water wax for only RM10 add on. I was just discussing that with my friend earlier. He said somewhere in Taman Desa is having a promotion for RM30. Yeayy.. Cheaper. I'm not sure how water wax really works but I don't mind since I have already save plenty of money by not doing any regular polish.

In the end? My car looks white .. in its own natural colour back. Obviously the finishing won't be as good as polish which would cost me couple of hundreds. I called one professional car wash and was told normal polish is RM300. T____________T.. Not my pocket friendly at all. 

Location : Shell, Seksyen 16, Petaling Jaya

p/s - I paid for my own car wash... Cheers.. 

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Tickling My Tastebuds

When you happened to be in Kedah or to be exact Teluk Kechai (few kilometres behind Kuala Kedah.. that's on your way to Kuala Kedah jetty should you are on your way to Langkawi), it is a MUST for you to drop by at one of the 'gerai' along the road to eat Laksa Teluk Kechai. The coconut sambal somehow makes it different from other laksa. For those who loves to eat spicy food, the chili padi is a bonus for you. One more thing, the gravy is a bit lighter. Kedahan called it 'ceghoi'. Price? It's merely RM3.50 for a normal single plate laksa. What's more to ask for?


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