Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Jersey Jersey ..

I may not be the correct person to talk about jersey, specifically football team jersey.. Frankly, I only knew about jersey if my other half teach me this and that.. Which country/club this jersey belong to and also the quality of a good 2nd grade jersey. Well, I can relate to that. My other half really obsess about football jersey especially the unique one. He would call it 'rare jersey'.. Yang nampak lain dari yang lainlah katanya, which is quite true because when I look at the jersey, I was thinking where on earth this jersey coming from. But I think, it's not appropriate at all for me to feed in comment since I have only almost 5% knowledge on jersey. Blimey.. Let's not talk further on this football thingy. T__T 

Why am I talking about jersey here? 


I want to introduce you to this new blog called 
IF you have any jersey that you would like to order please do not hesitate to e-mail at All I can assure you, the grade was damn good. Like real good. It's like almost the same to the original grade at sports boutique. Trust me. Kindly click the photo to go to the website.

What are you waiting for? Click click..


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