Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Himalaya Warehouse Sale @ Bangsar

Salam and greeting readers..

Himalaya Warehouse Sale.. Since it's nearby to my place, I went to the sale during my lunch time and it turned out to be a small area where the sale took place (beside Old Town White Coffee, Bangsar LRT station). Not much stuffs though. They have items such as supplement, body lotion, face scrub, shampoo and also CW shampoo. Charles Worthington (CW) shampoo was on sale and saw couple of ladies bought so many of the shampoo. I don't remember the price. T_____T 

Nourishing Cream & Honey Body Wash for 2 : RM 15

Hair fall control regime set : RM30 .. I don't really fancy Himalaya shampoo because it doesn't give much bubble like other shampoo does and it feels like I didn't wash my hair properly. I know it's non-chemical etc but that's just my opinion. 

I bought Revitalizing Hair Oil at RM15 instead. . Retail price was RM24? I'm not sure. Expiring in March 2013. So, have to use it excessively. My review? It was quite oily for me although it claims non-sticky. I'm not sure whether those 2 words are related or not but one thing for sure, I shampoo-ed three times but still the oil didn't went off completely. That was only after my 1st time using it. Will try to use it again later to see how it works for me.

The ad claims the sale is up to 80%. I don't know which item is discounted until 80%. Just so and so.

Click here for more info on this sale. The sale is from 10-14 Dec 2012.

Location :
Bangsar LRT Station 
LG Floor (Next to Old Town White Coffee)



Zimie said...

aku suka sabun buku himalaya. wangiiii. ada jual x sana? hee boleh borong

MY said...

sabun buku xder lak zimie.. tp sale nie dh abis.....


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