Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Not so wordless Wednesday..

Seriously.. it's only Wednesday but I somehow wish for the clock to tick faster so Jar will be back from Beijing fast and Sunday we shall leave for Langkawi... InsyaAllah. 

Mode aunt on!! I'm so looking forward to buy Tefal and Vision.. Besides chocolate of course. 

Crab!! Seafood.. Yeayyyy... Hopefully will get to find any nice superb places to eat .. 

Island hopping!! Can't wait.. Never done this before at Langkawi. I hope and pray that the weather at Langkawi is fine all the time.. Well, at least during our visit. 

Hopefully all of us will have a great weekend and holiday.. 



Zimie said...

belikan toblerone ngeehehe. happy honeymonners sarah. ko cuti bape lama?

MY said...

Hehe... Boleh ... anything for ibu mengandung.. aper yg dipesan akan cuba ditunaikan.. any specific toblerone? cuti sampai khamis .. jumaat keja balik..

Zimie said...

xdela spesifik sgt.beli yang kecik2 tu je.lagi bagus campur2 kaler.biasa dalam paket kan.beli 1 paket pun ok.saje buat rasa2 kat tekak ni :p taknak la susahkan ko beli byk2 heee

MY said...

ooooo... Noted dear...
InsyaAllah ak belikan..
From Langkawi with love..

michael ng said...

Have fun in Langkawi.
This week is a selang seli week.
Work on Monday, rest on Tuesday, Work on Wednesday, rest on Thursday, work on friday rest on Saturday and Sunday. :) Looking forward for your blog. :P

MY said...

Thanks Michael Ng ..



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