Friday, November 2, 2012

Al-Ikhsan Jumbo Warehouse Clearance Sale

Salam ...

Have you guys made it to Al-Ikhsan Jumbo Warehouse Clearance Sale? Me? I did!! ^.^ .. Twice in fact. Yup.. You heard me right.. Twice.

How was the sale? It was great except of course the huge crowd. Extremely huge crowd. 1st time I went, I didn't have to queue at all. By the time we got out, the anticipated crowd was waiting outside the hall eagerly to get inside. I'm sure for warehouse frequent goers would know how warehouse thing works. They would hold you first outside sometimes to make sure everyone get to shop inside cozily. Well.. not so damn cozy but still better.

This is how it looks like inside ... Still ok.. Everything was still ok .. All shoes were still in boxes. Boxes were still arranged nicely. Blimey.. You can't see the shoes boxes.. Didn't take any photos. FYI, all apparel/shoes were arranged according to sizes. There are 25 cashiers but do expect long queue to pay since we ourselves queued for 50 minutes. Night time few minutes only. We were told stocks will be replenished from time to time.

I went again at 8.15pm.. This time we were hold outside. People were pushing hard each time they allowed people to get in. So, if you guys/girls are not into this kind of situation, think twice before going.

See.. Alll the shoes and boxes were everywhere until the staffs need to make a barrier to prevent people from going in. They need to re-organized everything. Kudos to these boys.. They were chilled and still can keep smiling when we asked them to pass any shoes to us. Ok la kan.. Thumbs up!!

My purchase?

I managed to get running shoes for me and hub. Asics Shoe Gel for both of us..

I noticed there were 2 price tags. The shoes are discounted from original price. Do take note on that. For example my Asics shoes is RM469. There is another price tag too : RM379. The shoes is discounted at 60%.

The price tag is RM379 (circled).. Sorry.. you can't see it. But you get my point right?
Check careful before purchasing.

Squeeze me !!! I've been eyeing for this Squeeze me in years.. Saw it at 50% from RM 79, I just took it. The Adidas green sandal is RM35 after 50% discount. ^.^ .. Our Langkawi sandals.. 

This cute mini Nike Manchester United ball. RM49 before 70% disc. 
I can see this will be displayed somewhere in the house. 

My partner bought a England Home shirt for RM74.70 after 70% disc. Not sure which season it is. 2011 I think. 

I wonder how it is today?


Location :
Stadium Melawati, Shah Alam
1-4 November 2012



Anonymous said...


if you don't mind i copy one of the photo you post. just to share with my friends. tq.


MY said...


Nope.. Not at all.



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