Tuesday, October 30, 2012

House of Nails | Manicure & Pedicure

One says, when you had started doing mani-pedi, you will always have to continue doing it. Do you realize about that? Is it a myth or a fact? ..

I normally had my nails trim at The Gardens which is located at shoes department in Isetan. Back then, I was thinking, I need to find somewhere nearer to my place. Midvalley is near. But need to pay for parking fees and I need to walk way further (in case I didn't get any great parking spot). I've known about House of Nails, which is located at Jaya One before but never got the chance to try. So, I decided to give a call for an appointment. Parking was only RM2 and it is super near to it. Searched for Blok B, parked my car then go up using lift or stairs straight to G floor.

Have you heard about Furless? House of Nails is located on the same row with Furless. Beside I think.

It was my first time having mani-pedi session at House of Nails. It turned out just nice. Goodness. I chose only basic mani-pedi. No buffing, colour etc. I was greeted by Seng Ja, a girl from Myanmar. We straight away proceed to the sofa and had my nails and toes done. Seng Ja was doing my toes while Rochelle (from Philippine) did my nails. Both did great!! Yeayyyy...  

Rochelle told me that I had a bit of hard/rough skin around the nails. She said by using cuticle oil will help soften them (pic below). 

It was on promotion. If you buy the hand lotion (RM96), you'll get the cuticle oil for free. Cuticle oil is priced at RM109 (if I'm not mistaken). I'll pass. Way too tad pricey I think. But it smells great (Rochelle did put on my hand with the mixture of the cuticle oil and hand lotion). So, at the moment I think I'll settle with my Nivea hand cream and baby oil.. ^.^.. 

Manicure : RM28
Pedicure : RM40
Total : RM68

RM 68 is 68 point. The point is accumulated each time you visit House of Nails. For example, for a total of ~567 point, you can redeem for a free manicure. That is only an example. 


House of Nails
B-3-M. 25M Block B, Jaya One
No. 72A, Jln Universiti Section 14, 
Petaling Jaya 46200, Selangor.


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