Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Mum, I Have Baju Raya This Year!!

20 by Rizalman was launched starting 7th July 2012 at selected Tesco stores (Ampang, Mutiara Damansara, Kota Bahru, Paradigm Mall, Seremban 2, Desa Tebrau, Tanjung Pinang, Melaka, Shah Alam, Station 18, Puchong, Taiping, Seri Alam, Kepong, Penang, Kajang, Setia Alam, SP Selatan, Mergong, and Nilai). I was nowhere near to any Tesco in KL, so I wasn't really keen on the news. Furthermore, most ladies blogged that most of the designs are almost sold out especially in Shah Alam. No idea on how precise the fact is.

So, last weekend I went back to my hometown. Yup. The one above in big font is somewhere around my hometown. My parents and I were heading SP south, suddenly the thought of going to have a look at Rizalman's collection at Tesco SP Selatan hit my brain. Jackpot!!! Yeahh.. 2 dresses for me!! Coolness. Most designs are still in sizes except these 2.

Price range is RM180-RM250. Affordable don't you think? 

Presenting my 2 of 20 by Rizalman.

..Selamat berpuasa.. 

* I went to look for Jovian's collection at First Lady at Jalan TAR yesterday. No luck .. 


buat buat bodoh said...

Nak let gO bagitau i

buat buat bodoh said...

I suka blah kanan tue brp kalau u nak letgo? Ade pic u pakai x

MY said...

yg belah kanan tu I x beli..


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