Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Review : Ramadhan promo at O'Briens Irish Sandwich Cafe

Salam and greetings...

Are you looking for a healthier food for IFTAR? Are you on diet like me? Well some said, if you gain weight instead of shedding weight during Ramadhan (for Muslim) there must be something wrong with your 'puasa'. Right? Thus, here I am sharing with you a healthier version of IFTAR, which is sandwich.

I was invited to the O'Briens Irish Sandwich Cafe Ramadhan promotion at Mid Valley by Foodpanda. Thanks Adeline for having us. FYI , Foodpanda is an online food delivery website.

Here is the Ramadhan promotion. Introducing Curry Chicken Mayo Sandwich with cashew nut & grapes + Ice lemon tea for RM16 per set. If you want to opt for ala-carte, it is RM13.50.

Curry Chicken Mayo Sandwich with cashew nut & grapes. Definitely a must try.. Cashew nut, grapes & chicken mayo all in a sandwich. 

Chicken Slice & Cheddar Cheese on Shambo (RM15.80). Toostie with Fresh Tomato, Red Onion, Lettuce & Honey Mustard Mayonnaise.

Sundried Tomato on Hot Ciabatta (RM15.80). Toostie with Sundried Tomato, Red Onion, Fresh Tomato, Mozzarella cheese, Roasted vegetables & Basil Pesto. * Add Chicken for RM3.50. This one was not to my like. I don't know whether it is good for 'Mat Salleh' tounge but it is not for me. 

O'Briens Chicken Tripledecker (RM18.80). Toostie with Chicken & Chicken Crisp, Lettuce, cheddar cheese, Red onion, Coleslaw & Tomato. I would personally recommend this!

Soup of the day.. Mushroom soup. Nice!

We ordered drinks from the menu which is not in the promo. >.<

Latte (RM9.20) & Iced chocolate (RM11.50). 

So, if one of your goals for the holy month of Ramadhan is shedding weight, head over to O'Briens for a healthy IFTAR


a group photo..

Mum, I Have Baju Raya This Year!!

20 by Rizalman was launched starting 7th July 2012 at selected Tesco stores (Ampang, Mutiara Damansara, Kota Bahru, Paradigm Mall, Seremban 2, Desa Tebrau, Tanjung Pinang, Melaka, Shah Alam, Station 18, Puchong, Taiping, Seri Alam, Kepong, Penang, Kajang, Setia Alam, SP Selatan, Mergong, and Nilai). I was nowhere near to any Tesco in KL, so I wasn't really keen on the news. Furthermore, most ladies blogged that most of the designs are almost sold out especially in Shah Alam. No idea on how precise the fact is.

So, last weekend I went back to my hometown. Yup. The one above in big font is somewhere around my hometown. My parents and I were heading SP south, suddenly the thought of going to have a look at Rizalman's collection at Tesco SP Selatan hit my brain. Jackpot!!! Yeahh.. 2 dresses for me!! Coolness. Most designs are still in sizes except these 2.

Price range is RM180-RM250. Affordable don't you think? 

Presenting my 2 of 20 by Rizalman.

..Selamat berpuasa.. 

* I went to look for Jovian's collection at First Lady at Jalan TAR yesterday. No luck .. 

Monday, July 23, 2012

Review : Tex-Mex Buffet Ramadhan at Frontera Sol of Mexico

Salam & greetings..

Ramadhan is here finally. Alhamdulillah. I just got back in KL from hometown.. Auwww.. Going to miss mummy's cook. We had ayam masak lengkuas for sahur today. Yummms.. Had to tapau it back to KL for my sahur tomorrow.


It is 3rd day of Ramadhan already. How time flies. So, today I'm going to share with you an IFTAR which I had at  Frontera Sol of Mexico last week. It was my 2nd food review and my first with Foodpanda. It was definitely something different from my IFTAR menu which is normally rice. Yup. Tekak Melayu haruslah cari nasi since the whole day couldn't get to eat any rice. BUT fret not, Frontera Sol Mexico do serve rice for the buffet Ramadhan. Only in much more special version.

(Click the photos for bigger view)

The price is RM 50 per pax. It offers 12 starters, 1 main course, 6 desserts & free flow ice lemon tea. For the main course you can choose from the Ramadhan Main Course Menu.

Let see what Frontera is offering for the Ramadhan buffet.

Let's start with the starters.

BBQ Wings, Soup of the day (Chipotle Mushroom Soup), Taquitos de Pollo (Chicken wrapped in tortilla) & Fish Tacos

Chicken Bruschettas, Mushroom Bruschettas, Chicken Tacos & Tofu Tostadas

Cilantro & Lime Rice, Salad Station with 2 types of dressings (ranch/caeser) & 2 types of toppings (Cruspy tortilla chips & Bacon bits)


Fiesta de Fruita, Tres Leches Cake (my fave!), Brownies & Fruit popsicles.

Mexican flan & bottomless ice lemon tea.

Our main course

Chicken Chimichanga . I ordered this but couldn't enjoy it fully since I'm full already with starters. But seriously it's yummy.

BBQ Grilled Pineapple Chicken. My partner's main course. I personally think, everyone should go easy on starters. If not, by the time the main course arrived your table, you can't really indulge the food. Huhu.

Texas BBQ Burger. This one is from Elizabeth's table.

Interesting don't you think? Well, for more info/inquiry/reservation you can refer here:

18-G-2, Jaya One, 72A, Jalan Universiti
46200 Petaling Jaya,
Selangor, Malaysia
For reservation : 03-79588515
Opening Hours: 11am to 1am (Sun till Thurs) 
11am to 2am (Fri & Sat) 
Live Music: Fridays & Saturdays (9.30pm onwards) 

Please take note. Frontera is pork free restaurant. The meat is halal, but they serve alcohol beverage. 

Friday, July 13, 2012

Sri Suria Cafe @ Amcorp Mall

Luncheon !!

This time at Sri Suria Cafe located at Amcorp Mall.

Nasi Lemak Set with Chicken Rendang : RM 8.90

Hong Kong Style Wantan Mee Soup : RM 8.90. 

Taste wise? Recommended. 


Monday, July 9, 2012

Review : Yatta Promotion! at Armada Hotel, Petaling Jaya

This is awesome !!

Armada Hotel Petaling Jaya is having 'Yatta' Promotion..

Which means..

Everything on the menu is 50% OFF!! I kid you not. HALF PRICE y'all...

The promotion is valid from July & August 2012 and only available during lunch (12pm - 2.30pm). For those who are nearby like me, it is worth to have your lunch at Shokudo (Located at Level 1) especially if you are Japanese foodie.. For Muslim who are about to start fasting, hurry up!!

Foods that we tried!!

Assorted makis.. おいしい。From RM 4.00++ onwards you can certainly indulge endless makis.

Gyoza for only RM7.50 ++ . I call this 'karipap'. T____T ... Definitely must try. Gyoza is made by a mixture of chicken, vegetable and garlic wrapped in Gyoza wrappers and then pan fried. Don't forget to dip in the soy sauce before having it. 

Assorted sushi.. One more time.. おいしい。。Of course la sedap.. From RM5.00++ until RM27.50++). FYI.. Chiraishi sushi is the most expensive here and it costs RM55.00 before discount. Now you get to have it at RM27.50++ .. Awesomenesss..

Sashimi boat/Armada mixed Sashimi.. This is RM128 (before discount). *pengsan.. Huhuhu.. But with Yatta promotion, it costs RM64.00++ after 50% disc. Okay.. dah tak pengsan..

Tori Karaage .. Translated : Fried chicken .. Yummy!!! Serious this one sgt sedap... Am going back for this again. Price ? RM 7.50++ . Trust me.. This one is awesomely delicious. Stanton told us that this one is fried with rice flour (tepung beras). Maybe we can try to experiment a bit in the kitchen.. Hoho..

Gindara Shio. Cod fish yer.. RM14.00++. My partner's fave .. Seriously this one is yummy too!!

Ok now.. Shabu -Shabu time..

This whole plate costs only RM 19.00++ for 2 pax.. You may opt for chicken or beef but if you want salmon, you need to top-up RM7.50++ .. Okay.. Bahagi 2 orang.. Sure can! Makan sampai kenyang kay!!

Fresh chicken..

Beef for Shabu-Shabu

Fresh salmon.. Semua segar-segar ..

Happy faces.. >.< 

Agedashi Tofu.. (RM5.00++). A bit crispy at the outside. Nice !!

Tori Katsu Don. RM10.00 ++ .. Please take note.. This is tasting portion ..

(L-R) Anne (, Puan Bee (, Chef Chew, Yours Truly & Ruth (perutbesi).

*Price quoted are after discount.

Do check this promotion out !

Shokudo @ Armada Hotel,
1st Floor, Hotel Armada
Lot 6, Lorong Utara C
Seksyen 52
46200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Tel : 03-79546888 ext 4547 (for reservations or inquiries)
Business Hours : 12pm-2.30pm & 6pm - 11pm (Monday to Saturday)
Website :
Facebook :

Friday, July 6, 2012

Chawan @ Bangsar

MasyaAllah.. I just noticed it has been endless food's entries so far..


Another one ya...


This time, we had lunch at Chawan, Bangsar. This was our 2nd visit here so far. 

Ginger Lemon Honey Tea : RM 5.80 
ABC : RM 5.00

Nasi tomato with ayam masak merah.. RM 11.90. My all time favourite. Huge portion. Nampak 2 ketul ayam tu? Sgt kenyang kalau makan for one person.

Pisang Abu or Pisang Nangka Kukus : RM 5.00

Something different for me. 


Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Burger Bakar Abang Burn @ Taman Dagang

Pardon me for the not-so- nice photo.. Took with my BB. 

Burger ayam.. Bukan daging.. daging bakar lah kan.. Burger ayam? Nope.. Macam ayam goreng or mmg ayam goreng.. 

Rasa? Sedap jer.. 


Siap peta lagi.. I jumpa kt google..



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