Friday, June 22, 2012

Clarks Warehouse Haul

Oh my.. I can't believe my friend and I queued for 2 hours today. Almost gave up the moment we arrived Corus Hotel since the queue was until basement parking, but somehow decided to give it a try. The queue was smooth but of course there were some hiccups especially with people cutting queue and also foreigners who simply had no manners at all.

The queue inside. To reach the entrance from the hotel stairs took almost 1 hour.

 Entrance .. Finally..

Yeahh babes.. This was how it looks inside. People were testing shoes in the middle of the hall and simply put aside shoes that they didn't want. Once again, I almost gave up since most of shoes in size 3 or 4 were sold out at the counter. For those who are going tomorrow, I'm not sure whether this scenario will be the same, BUT if this is the same thing happen tomorrow, just one tip. Scout / hunt / search your desired shoes here instead of the counter. My friend managed to get almost all of our shoes here. Yup. You heard me right. My friend did all the shopping for me. Me? I was taking care of the shoes since people kept asking and seriously some would just take the shoes that you have kept to yourself without even asking. Choiii.. Penat kay.. Beratur 2 jam, at least show some manners. But, it was certainly another remarkable experience with warehouse. I enjoyed every moment of it.

Here are some price guide for you.

Dundon Bombay : RM238 (RP:RM348). Super comfy wedges.

Finnis Blaze : RM140 (RP:RM288). Couldn't resist this one in red.

Fondant Cookie : RM180 (RP:RM298). Comfy!!

Piazza Glitz : RM180 (RP:RM278).

Prestige Set : RM140 (RP:RM228)

The warehouse is until this Sunday (24.06.2012). They accept credit card for purchase above RM200. 

Another tip :

Pergi dengan hati yang tenang. Just in case you have to queue like me.

Please do not complain about the queue. It's warehouse for god sake. No one wants to listen to your complain. For old folks, if you think you aren't capable of standing for long hours, please do not go. EVEN if your daughter invited you along, please just reject the invitation. During our queue, behind us was this pakcik who kept complaining about the queue. Nasib I pergi dengan hati yang tenang. Chill je lah. There was one guy who came to survey the line and he invited one couple (husband and wife) with grey hair to enter the hall without queuing. And this pakcik saw them went up and kept complaining again. Later, my suffer ended when he called the guy with action I presume that he's old and deserved to cut the queue. Alhamdulillah. 
 No pun intended.

p/s - Thank you!!

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