Monday, April 23, 2012

Sekinchan Ikan Bakar @ Shah Alam

Sepetang di Shah Alam hari ini.. We went over to Shah Alam with in mind to buy some cloth at Jakel. Few years back I was a regular visitor to Shah Alam until my partner graduated and those time Seksyen 7 was still a baby with only few shops. Currently, there are so many shops till I can spend rest of the afternoon visiting shops in and out. Ya lah.. In Jakel itself, you can spend couple of hours until you get the material's colour you preferred. Nak bargain lagi.. Hoho. Then, we went to one of the online boutique, which recently went offline too. Nice place. Tapi waktu kitorg pergi, there were these 2 girls were laughing/giggling hysterically. I was like.. Huh??? Terus keluar kedai. Turn off sungguh. Gelak kuat sgt sampai sembang pun x selera dah. Ok.. Enought with that.. Off we went for lunch and opted for Sekinchan Ikan Bakar. Why? No reason.. Feel like trying.

The cloud view never let us down right?

RM 2 per plate

Ikan bawal : RM 22.50.. Ikan bakar je ader.. Pilih ikan je kat tempat ikan.. Dia ckp bakar je yg ada. 

Sup ayam : RM5. Just nice.

I don't know how to rate the fish and soup. But I would say the rice portion was too small. I mean small than usual. All I can say is.. It's just so and so.

Sekinchan Ikan Bakar
No.21, Jalan Plumbum Q7/Q
Seksyen 7, Shah Alam
Tel : 03-55234146


Anonymous said...

ikan tu nampak cam tak bape masak je..

MY said...

Really? emmm.. Alhamdulillah xder sakit perut.. ok kot..


cindyrina said...

depends pada tempat kot. I went to Bangi branch and the food ok for 1st and 2nd visit but the quality totally drop after that. mmmm not ever again becaus the pari not fresh at all.

MY said...

ye ke.. I x pandai sgt nak tgk ikan.. nampak mcm ok, then I ok je.. but for this case.. x g dh kot..


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