Thursday, March 1, 2012

Jom Bali @ Tesco Damansara

Salam and greeting readers..

These photos were taken long way back .. Serius tak ingat when did I took them. But somehow I do remember, the reason we went there. A friend of mine wanted to buy cotton bedspread or something like that. I only know duvet, bedsheet and comforter. They look all the same to me. Aren't they? Nvm. So, it was about lunch time, we decided just to have lunch there or was it only me who ate that particular Nasi Goreng Ayam. I guess I did. Yang lain minum je.

Tauhu bakar (2pcs) .. RM4.50 .. Normal taste.

Nasi goreng ayam. Rm8.90.. It may not look as gorgeous in the menu but it tastes nice. Plus, the portion is quite huge for me.

Drinks.. Green Apple Kasturi - RM5.50.. Sirap bandung cincau - RM3.90.. Yang laici tak ingat.. I'm not sure whether it's grape or else with lychee add on.

Jombali Tesco Mutiara Damansara
Lot 18, Ground Floor 8, Jalan PJU7/4,
47800 Persiaran Suria Petaling Jaya,
Tel : 03-77264494


Anonymous said...

adoi lapo

A Girl Like You said...

nampak sangattt sedap! :) n harga macam ok! :)

MY said...

Nadey. : Oleh itu, harus makan...

AGirlLikeYou : Yup.. harga sgt reasonable dgn portion dia..


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