Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I was never a fan of ..


Mahal kot.. Me, being a cheapskate thrifty person (especially now!!) always find Ariani way too overrated. I don't wear those 'tudung awning' often as compared to tudung bawal and shawl. I did purchase some from deZahra and Munawwarah and I like the way they compliment my face feature. Well at least, when I bought S size I don't have to use any brooch to tighten the scarf anymore. Ok..deZahra pun mahal jugak. Bear in mind. I takder nak beli banyak. Biasa beli 2,3 sahaja.. Memang banyak tue je pun yg ader. Huhu..


Then one day, I TerRosakkan my black deZahra-Sarah awning. It was my favourite tudung of all purely because it's black. Sedih. Then teringat that tudung cost me RM65 terus fobia nak beli yg that price range. Soon, I tried looking for cheaper version which can be easily found at Jalan TAR, gerai-gerai kat luar Tesco/Carrefour or memaner lah. Beli jugak .. Pakai sekali, dah x mau pakai dah. Ntah psychology ke apa. Lepas tue, cuba lak tudung yang awning diperbuat daripada Thai Silk. Bajet keras, kot nanti rosak boleh seterika balik. Biasa mmg kena pakai kerongsang sebab muka kecik kan.. Auwwwww.. Then again. Rasa terlebih muncung dan lain-lain. Mungkin isu psikologi lagi? Malas dah nak cari. Back to tudung bawal and shawl.


Last Sunday, my partner and I went hunting for some material.. In and out boutiques/shops we went. Final so-called destination was Jakel. 3 hours in Jakel filled with stress thinking of colour to choose and the main reason which contributes stress was $$$$ . Enough said. We exited Jakel with satisfaction despite the $$$ crisis and off I went into Ariani to check their sale. Hehe. Normally I would go back home empty handed but this time, Alhamdulillah.. Ada hasil.. >.< .. I'm not reviewing my purchased stuffs since I only spent RM50 for 2 tudung which consist of Plain Lycra (only RM18!!) and a cotton printed tudung with thai silk awning (RM32).. Murah kan? Murah pun, jangan lupa cuba dahulu sebelum membeli. Pada pendapat I, kalau awning yang setelah digosok pun masih tak dapat nak diselamatkan, bukan jodoh kita dengan dia. That case might applied only to lycra awning material. I'm sure you ladies know best. Jangan frust since I didn't really take note of the others' price. Mostly RM60 and above. Why don't you go and check.. Then I went again to Ariani at Kota Damansara (located at Jalan PJU 5/20A). Selamat la jugak dapat another few scarfs. Might go and check Shah Alam/Bangi's branch this weekend. Nak cari yang cotton printed lg.


And yeah.. The sale is still on.. Pada peminat tegar Ariani, apa tunggu lagi? LOL.. Tak tegar macam saya pun boleh. 


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