Friday, March 16, 2012

Addicted to Groupon

Mesti ramai yang dah ketagih ngan Groupon, Living Social dan lain-lain kan. Yaaa.. Me too.. I simply can't thank them enough for having so many great stuffs with great discounts.. My recent purchase was Olay Regenerist set for RM49.90. I'm getting older.. Dah lepas suku abad. Haruslah menjaga wajah dengan lebih tekun. Peluang yang baik jangan disia-siakan. Bought!! 

If you are wondering how to purchase at Groupon or other discounts site, you can use online banking with various banks or even credit card to purchase those groupons/vouchers. It is easy but do keep control of yourself. Nanti ' woww...' , x perasan dah banyak TERbeli. 


I redeemed my groupon at Watsons, The Curve and opted for pouch for it's much functional to me rather than the tumbler. I took white since red colour pouch was out of stock.. Never mind. I've used the cleanser and love it. Oh yeah.. My skin type is dry and it doesn't leave my skin feeling any tense or 'macam tegang'. 

I'm a definitely loving it!!

Bye bye Safi Rania.. Obviously I am not getting any closer to get skin like RCW.. Huhu. 


Hafiz Ismi said...

Me too!!
Addicted to Groupon.
Sedar2 dah byk duit dihabskan kat situ. haha~

MY said...

Kannn.... Sangat menarik.. kdg kena cekal utk x beli..


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