Thursday, February 2, 2012

With Fatnin Jazmina.. Lokman's kenduri.. Laksa Teluk Kechai

Salam semua!!!

Greetings !!

On the day before CNY, Huda and I managed to attend our ex-schoolmate's wedding. Yeahh.. Luckily Huda and I was in Sg.Petani during the whole week. It's a good thing to be able to catch up with others. Sounds like going to meet gazillion people. No. It's just a small circle of friends. I do remember, when the first batch of us got married, there would be a medium group till we get to have a small reunion. Now, everyone is married, having kids, the circle is becoming smaller. It's the nature I guess. Everyone with inevitable commitment, even me sometimes didn't get to join the group. Tetiba melankolik pulak..


It was Lokman's kenduri. Congratulations to you!! May you have a blessed life ahead. Some photos taken by Fatnin Jazmina's dad, which explains the title. Haha.. Her mother - Afzan was our schoolmate too. I did blog about their reception HERE

Cute baby with purple hat? That's Fatnin. It was fun watching her expressions. Gosh.. My cheek x mau kalah ngan Fatnin. T____T 

Told ya.. Siap berkerut dahi lagi. But aren't babies are supposed to be always cute. 

The lovely lady in blue is Fatnin's mother.

I wore Princess Jasmine Dress by Quite big for me but still wearable. 

Only the groom was available during these photos taken. Siap sambut kitorg dgn kain pelekat lagi. Pengapit pulak yang siap dulu. Pengantin perempuan belum sampai hence, explaining why she wasn't in the photo. We  were the first batch to arrive since Khairul, Huda and I wanted to eat Laksa Teluk Kechai at Kuala Kedah. Have you tried that? Hehe..

Did you notice 2 guys were standing on the left? They were queuing for take-away. 1kg is RM12. Yours truly being the lovely sister, daughter 'tapau' too for the family. Hahahaa.. 

Here how it looks like!! 


But delicious!! 

That orange colour is made from coconut. I don't know how to explain that. You go try for yourself. Each normal laksa priced at RM3.50. 

Till then..



LuN said...

Laksa tu nampak menarek!

MY said...

Menarik.. Lun x nah try?

LuN said...

x pernah. huhu

tujuhhariseminggu said...

adehhhh.. leleh air liur tak berhenti2... :)


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