Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Ayam Penyet - AP at KL Festival City

Salam and greeting to all readers...

Hewwww.. It's been a while I have abandoned my blog. Lack of enthusiasm and mojo to blog I guess.
I'm here today to feast your eyes with Ayam Penyet which I had last Sunday at KL Festival City. I bukan jenis makan pedas sangat.. Tapi still boleh tahan.. But I think the sambal is too HOT!!! Sangat pedas lah.. Huhu.. Not that I haven't tried this kind of sambal before, but still too hot.. And to my disappointment (Ok.. this might be my tummy's fault for not adjusting to the spiciness level), I had few toilet breaks on the very next day. I swear I won't eat at Ayam Penyet - AP anymore. Lucky for those who has strong tummy. I know my partner does. 


Ayam Penyet (RM8.50). Steamed rice is served with additional of RM1.50. 

Ikan kembung Minang ..... I don't remember the menu. RM7.50 I think. Macam ikan goreng yg my mother slalu masak pun ader. Ke mmg ikan goreng? Ikan goreng lah kan? Hmmmm.. 

Price wise.. OK.. 

I still miss pecel lele at Hentian Kajang. How I wish they move to here. 
OK. Esok cuti. Might pay a visit .. 

Till then.. 

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