Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Ayam Penyet - AP at KL Festival City

Salam and greeting to all readers...

Hewwww.. It's been a while I have abandoned my blog. Lack of enthusiasm and mojo to blog I guess.
I'm here today to feast your eyes with Ayam Penyet which I had last Sunday at KL Festival City. I bukan jenis makan pedas sangat.. Tapi still boleh tahan.. But I think the sambal is too HOT!!! Sangat pedas lah.. Huhu.. Not that I haven't tried this kind of sambal before, but still too hot.. And to my disappointment (Ok.. this might be my tummy's fault for not adjusting to the spiciness level), I had few toilet breaks on the very next day. I swear I won't eat at Ayam Penyet - AP anymore. Lucky for those who has strong tummy. I know my partner does. 


Ayam Penyet (RM8.50). Steamed rice is served with additional of RM1.50. 

Ikan kembung Minang ..... I don't remember the menu. RM7.50 I think. Macam ikan goreng yg my mother slalu masak pun ader. Ke mmg ikan goreng? Ikan goreng lah kan? Hmmmm.. 

Price wise.. OK.. 

I still miss pecel lele at Hentian Kajang. How I wish they move to here. 
OK. Esok cuti. Might pay a visit .. 

Till then.. 

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Hello 2012..

Assalamualaikum and greeting readers... 

Phewwww.... It's been a while I have left my precious blog in silent. 

So... It's 4th day of 2012. Syukur Alhamdulillah for I am still here, breathing and having the chances to live a life. Won't write any crap today since I have few datelines to catch. I have no new resolutions yet since there are still quite a number of things which I have not done yet. So, let's hope this year I can cross them out. Ameen. 

Owh.. Hold on!! 

My friend is let go-ing his Calvin Klein perfumes at a bargain price. Please do me a favour. Kindly do not ask me whether they are defected or what so ever so-called 'cacat' perfume. I assure you they are 100% genuine and all four of them were bought/got (as free gift) from Isetan, KLCC. Furthermore, they are NEW, which means never been used. Let just say it is some sort of dressing table clearance. We ladies do that often right? Hehee.. Oh yeahh.. At the moment, only perfumes for men are available. Perhaps you ladies can buy for your special lad. Fascinating enough? Lets' head up to HERE for further info. Happy CK-ing !!


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