Friday, December 28, 2012

RM200 Smartphone Rebate

The most anticipating rebate!! Is it ??

Under Budget 2013, the government has announced a RM200 rebate program for youth which is also known as Youth Communication Package (Pakej Komunikasi Belia). Under this program, Malaysian youth under certain requirements can purchase a brand new 3G Smartphone with a RM200 discount.
1st Jan – 31st Dec 2013
Criteria to get RM200 Rebate:
-Only applies to Malaysian citizens from the ages of 21-30.
-Monthly income of RM3,000 & below.
-Smartphone models below the price of RM500.
-Each youth is only entitled to purchase one smartphone.
-Customers can either use their existing mobile broadband or apply for new packages.

* Get more terms & conditions HERE (The link is not working. Not sure whether my PC at faulty or perhaps it starts working in January 2013)
* List of approved devices / models & authorized dealers will be made available on telco’s website starting from 1 January 2013
Interested candidate can log on to & start register for your phone rebate application online.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Himalaya Warehouse Sale @ Bangsar

Salam and greeting readers..

Himalaya Warehouse Sale.. Since it's nearby to my place, I went to the sale during my lunch time and it turned out to be a small area where the sale took place (beside Old Town White Coffee, Bangsar LRT station). Not much stuffs though. They have items such as supplement, body lotion, face scrub, shampoo and also CW shampoo. Charles Worthington (CW) shampoo was on sale and saw couple of ladies bought so many of the shampoo. I don't remember the price. T_____T 

Nourishing Cream & Honey Body Wash for 2 : RM 15

Hair fall control regime set : RM30 .. I don't really fancy Himalaya shampoo because it doesn't give much bubble like other shampoo does and it feels like I didn't wash my hair properly. I know it's non-chemical etc but that's just my opinion. 

I bought Revitalizing Hair Oil at RM15 instead. . Retail price was RM24? I'm not sure. Expiring in March 2013. So, have to use it excessively. My review? It was quite oily for me although it claims non-sticky. I'm not sure whether those 2 words are related or not but one thing for sure, I shampoo-ed three times but still the oil didn't went off completely. That was only after my 1st time using it. Will try to use it again later to see how it works for me.

The ad claims the sale is up to 80%. I don't know which item is discounted until 80%. Just so and so.

Click here for more info on this sale. The sale is from 10-14 Dec 2012.

Location :
Bangsar LRT Station 
LG Floor (Next to Old Town White Coffee)


Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Jersey Jersey ..

I may not be the correct person to talk about jersey, specifically football team jersey.. Frankly, I only knew about jersey if my other half teach me this and that.. Which country/club this jersey belong to and also the quality of a good 2nd grade jersey. Well, I can relate to that. My other half really obsess about football jersey especially the unique one. He would call it 'rare jersey'.. Yang nampak lain dari yang lainlah katanya, which is quite true because when I look at the jersey, I was thinking where on earth this jersey coming from. But I think, it's not appropriate at all for me to feed in comment since I have only almost 5% knowledge on jersey. Blimey.. Let's not talk further on this football thingy. T__T 

Why am I talking about jersey here? 


I want to introduce you to this new blog called 
IF you have any jersey that you would like to order please do not hesitate to e-mail at All I can assure you, the grade was damn good. Like real good. It's like almost the same to the original grade at sports boutique. Trust me. Kindly click the photo to go to the website.

What are you waiting for? Click click..


Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Not so wordless Wednesday..

Seriously.. it's only Wednesday but I somehow wish for the clock to tick faster so Jar will be back from Beijing fast and Sunday we shall leave for Langkawi... InsyaAllah. 

Mode aunt on!! I'm so looking forward to buy Tefal and Vision.. Besides chocolate of course. 

Crab!! Seafood.. Yeayyyy... Hopefully will get to find any nice superb places to eat .. 

Island hopping!! Can't wait.. Never done this before at Langkawi. I hope and pray that the weather at Langkawi is fine all the time.. Well, at least during our visit. 

Hopefully all of us will have a great weekend and holiday.. 


Monday, November 5, 2012

3rd Anniversary at Tappers


Can't believe it has been 3 years of working. 2nd Nov. marks our 3rd year of working together and also our friendship. Having lunch at Tappers was like celebrating the anniversary since we love Tappers. 

What we had..

Kung po Chicken Rice : RM12.80

Chicken Shnitzel : RM 14.80 

Roast Chicken Set : RM 13.90 .. Roast chicken marinated with BBQ sauce served with roast potato and coleslaw

This pencil kinda reminds me to old time.. During my primary school. Those days pencil with colourful pattern are so 'in'. Jumpa je mesti nak beli. T____T .. Tak kira Tora and Ding Dang lagi? Was it Ding Dang? I do remember Tora with the blue box. Ding Dang was the one with white box right? 

Oh yeah.. At Tappers, all set lunch are served with choice of honey lemon / lemon tea / lime juice / goo leng ping. 

Unit G-1, Ground Floor, The Sphere
No.1, Avenue 1 Bangsar South
No. 8, Jln Kerinchi, 59200 Kuala Lumpur.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Al-Ikhsan Jumbo Warehouse Clearance Sale

Salam ...

Have you guys made it to Al-Ikhsan Jumbo Warehouse Clearance Sale? Me? I did!! ^.^ .. Twice in fact. Yup.. You heard me right.. Twice.

How was the sale? It was great except of course the huge crowd. Extremely huge crowd. 1st time I went, I didn't have to queue at all. By the time we got out, the anticipated crowd was waiting outside the hall eagerly to get inside. I'm sure for warehouse frequent goers would know how warehouse thing works. They would hold you first outside sometimes to make sure everyone get to shop inside cozily. Well.. not so damn cozy but still better.

This is how it looks like inside ... Still ok.. Everything was still ok .. All shoes were still in boxes. Boxes were still arranged nicely. Blimey.. You can't see the shoes boxes.. Didn't take any photos. FYI, all apparel/shoes were arranged according to sizes. There are 25 cashiers but do expect long queue to pay since we ourselves queued for 50 minutes. Night time few minutes only. We were told stocks will be replenished from time to time.

I went again at 8.15pm.. This time we were hold outside. People were pushing hard each time they allowed people to get in. So, if you guys/girls are not into this kind of situation, think twice before going.

See.. Alll the shoes and boxes were everywhere until the staffs need to make a barrier to prevent people from going in. They need to re-organized everything. Kudos to these boys.. They were chilled and still can keep smiling when we asked them to pass any shoes to us. Ok la kan.. Thumbs up!!

My purchase?

I managed to get running shoes for me and hub. Asics Shoe Gel for both of us..

I noticed there were 2 price tags. The shoes are discounted from original price. Do take note on that. For example my Asics shoes is RM469. There is another price tag too : RM379. The shoes is discounted at 60%.

The price tag is RM379 (circled).. Sorry.. you can't see it. But you get my point right?
Check careful before purchasing.

Squeeze me !!! I've been eyeing for this Squeeze me in years.. Saw it at 50% from RM 79, I just took it. The Adidas green sandal is RM35 after 50% discount. ^.^ .. Our Langkawi sandals.. 

This cute mini Nike Manchester United ball. RM49 before 70% disc. 
I can see this will be displayed somewhere in the house. 

My partner bought a England Home shirt for RM74.70 after 70% disc. Not sure which season it is. 2011 I think. 

I wonder how it is today?


Location :
Stadium Melawati, Shah Alam
1-4 November 2012


Tuesday, October 30, 2012

House of Nails | Manicure & Pedicure

One says, when you had started doing mani-pedi, you will always have to continue doing it. Do you realize about that? Is it a myth or a fact? ..

I normally had my nails trim at The Gardens which is located at shoes department in Isetan. Back then, I was thinking, I need to find somewhere nearer to my place. Midvalley is near. But need to pay for parking fees and I need to walk way further (in case I didn't get any great parking spot). I've known about House of Nails, which is located at Jaya One before but never got the chance to try. So, I decided to give a call for an appointment. Parking was only RM2 and it is super near to it. Searched for Blok B, parked my car then go up using lift or stairs straight to G floor.

Have you heard about Furless? House of Nails is located on the same row with Furless. Beside I think.

It was my first time having mani-pedi session at House of Nails. It turned out just nice. Goodness. I chose only basic mani-pedi. No buffing, colour etc. I was greeted by Seng Ja, a girl from Myanmar. We straight away proceed to the sofa and had my nails and toes done. Seng Ja was doing my toes while Rochelle (from Philippine) did my nails. Both did great!! Yeayyyy...  

Rochelle told me that I had a bit of hard/rough skin around the nails. She said by using cuticle oil will help soften them (pic below). 

It was on promotion. If you buy the hand lotion (RM96), you'll get the cuticle oil for free. Cuticle oil is priced at RM109 (if I'm not mistaken). I'll pass. Way too tad pricey I think. But it smells great (Rochelle did put on my hand with the mixture of the cuticle oil and hand lotion). So, at the moment I think I'll settle with my Nivea hand cream and baby oil.. ^.^.. 

Manicure : RM28
Pedicure : RM40
Total : RM68

RM 68 is 68 point. The point is accumulated each time you visit House of Nails. For example, for a total of ~567 point, you can redeem for a free manicure. That is only an example. 


House of Nails
B-3-M. 25M Block B, Jaya One
No. 72A, Jln Universiti Section 14, 
Petaling Jaya 46200, Selangor.


Thursday, October 25, 2012

Drama-Drama Sebelum Kahwin by MatLuthfi90

Oh my.. This is so cute. I laughed at Illuminati part.. Tak terfikir pun ader jugak macam tue? Ader ke?

For those who are getting married this coming school holiday, wish you all the best in doing all the preparations. 


Friday, October 5, 2012

Of Wedding..

Quite true.. Don't you think so?

Thanks Patrick & family for the gift!! Love it!! 

No reason to wake up late anymore after this.. LOL.. 


Friday, September 28, 2012

Jalan-Jalan di Melaka #Part 2

2nd part it is.. on the same day just after we had mille crepe at Nadeje. We walked to Jonker Street and I quite not know what to expect since it was my 1st time to Jonker Street. It would cost us RM15 for a trishaw ride to Jonker Street from Taming Sari but RM20 if we made a mini trip to few spots (according to their package), so we decided to walk. T___T.. Save $$ for char koew teow later.

Jonker Walk

Mulut naga tu boleh keluarkan air.. T___T 

Current Hard Rock location.. just beside the Jonker Street

The upcoming Hard Rock. Dekat-dekat situ jugak. >.<

A shop which sells old painting/photo of historical building/place for RM5/pc.

The crowd was huge as expected. We stumbled into this.

The famous Restoran Famosa Chicken Rice Ball. I googled and also watched this on tv. When I found this shop, only I knew it's non halal. They serve pork too.

Move on. We found this ..

Crispy Tornado Potato. Price is from RM3.00++ .. I tried the bbq flavour and it was crispy and yummy but up until half of it, it's boring already. T________T

Some night view for ya.. Familiar view I believe..

Malacca River Cruise. No, I didn't take a ride.

Casa del Rio at night

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Jovian by Jovian Mandagie - Jovani | For Sale..

Update : Jovani is no longer available for sale..

Yes. After million thoughts, with heavy heart, I'm selling this gorgeous piece of Jovian by Jovian Mandagie. 
It's quite big for me. Knowing that every second of thinking whether to spend RM380 on a lovely piece of Jovian kinda give me T___T ... 


Size : XS 
Colour : Navy blue
Shoulder : 14.5" Chest : 34" Waist : 26" Hip : 36"
Full dress length : 58.5" Armhole : 16" Sleeve : 22" Cuff : 8"
Skirt Waist : 26" Skirt length : 39.5"
Credit : Zalora

I'm letting Jovani go for RM360. 

Free postage. Sure. 
If you would like to purchase it, kindly e-mail me at

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Jalan-Jalan di Melaka #Part 1

Naming it into #Part 1 looks like it is going to be published in few parts don't you think? Well at least to me. Fret not. It'll be only 3 parts since few hot spots for my so-called Jalan-Jalan Cari Makan were non-halal or least convincing. My partner and I decided to have a short getaway last weekend so I googled either Port Dickson or Malacca was best for it. If PD, I presume it will be a lovey dovey romantic getaway. Strolling along the beach.. Watching the sunset.. Sunrise? ^.^ .. Hmm... better luck next time.

So, off to Malacca...

We stayed at Venus Boutique Hotel which I booked via Agoda 2 days before. Reviews mentioned that the hotel was just behind Jonker Street but upon arriving then only I found that Explorer Hotel is much nearer to it (nearer to Mahkota Parade too). Next time perhaps. We had a pleasant stay at the hotel and free parking is provided under the bridge in front of the hotel.

5pm.. We went to look for the famous Nadeje Mille Crepe. It took us quite a while to find Nadeje since we were searching at the wrong building. T____T .. It is located just beside McDonald. We had to queue for few minutes to be seated and it was really such a busy place. The waiters were in and out and everyone seems tense. Haha..

I read that Original Mille Crepe is the best but the staff told me that Original contains alcohol. There were limited choices for non-alcohol mille crepe. I can't really recall which one is not but they are labeled like this.

We took 2 slices of flavoured mille crepe :

Banana chocolate Mille Crepe. RM9.00

Berry Strawberry Mille Crepe. RM9.00 . The yummiest!!!! Choc banana was defeated by berry strawberry and the verdict agreed by partner.

When we thought by having 2 slices of mille crepe won't fill our tummy enough, we ordered one main dish..

Grilled fillet fish with Butter Herbs Sauce . RM11.90.

Truth is those 2 mille crepe were enough. But the grilled fillet fish was so good and it was so hard to resist, we dig into it slowly until we finished all the bits of course.

Mango Yakult .. RM 5.50 . Too sour to me. But I know it's yakult. Of course it has to be sour. 

Royal milk tea. RM5.80.. Partner's drink.

Overall, I would definitely come back again for the mille crepe. Won't be going with empty tummy for personal reasons since the place was busy and initially we were asked to change table so they could utilize all the seats they have. But then, just beside us, this couple occupied the 4 seats table leaving the other 2 empty kinda snapped me out of it. What's pass is pass. Just my thoughts. But the staff was polite enough so I'll just cut loose.

Good thing is, Nadeje doesn't charge tax in the receipt..

Nadeje Cafe Sdn. Bhd.
Lot G23B, EG4 & EG5
Ground Floor, Mahkota Parade
No.1, Jln Merdeka, 75000 Melaka

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Wordless Wednesday #15 | Lovey dovey

Friday, August 10, 2012

Chocolate Dipped Waffle at Baskin Robbins

Salam and greeting readers..

Presenting our 1st ever Chocolate Dipped Waffle... Yup.. It was our first time having this at Baskin Robbins. Itu pun sebab dapat J Card Bday Voucher, which gives us RM3-sort of-rebate. Upon arriving counter, I recalled my first time purchasing Starbucks, which is 8 years back.. Hahaha. Feeling oldies suddenly.. Luckily the staff was helpful enough explaining to me this and that. Mind you, I budak kampung. Datang KL baru jumpa Starbucks. My 1st ever Starbucks was Chocolate frappuccino and it was on my birthday with RM 50 which my mum gave before she went to attend some seminar (I went to sleepover with her the night before). Tetiba feeling Dejavu writing this blog. Haha..

Ok ok.. Back to the Baskin Robbins.

Jamoca Almond Fudge (Jamoca ice cream with a chocolate fudge ribbon & roasted almonds)
Maui brownie madness | Lowfat yogurt (Chocolate frozen yogurt with chunks of brownie & macadamia nuts, ribboned with chocolate fudge) 

Topping : Hot fudge 

Not to forget M&M.

It is RM18.50 - RM3.00 (JCard voucher) = RM15.50 ++ .. Total with tax : RM16.45.
Waaahhhhh detail.. sekali cukai.. 

Tapi sayang yang coklat tu manis sangat. Kinda a waste to me. 

Friday, August 3, 2012

Review : Berbuka Puasa Buffet at Armada Hotel, Petaling Jaya

Alhamdulillah.. It is day 14 of Ramadhan..

I was invited again to Armada Hotel for food review. This time, it was for Berbuka Puasa.. Coolness.

Sinar Ramadhan Al-Mubarak (Berbuka Puasa Buffet) was held at Utara Coffee House of Armada Petaling Jaya. Upon arrival, I was amazed with all the food. What's the reason for not to be amazed? There were more than 100 dishes available, ready to be filled into my empty stomach. Puasa right? Semua nampak sedap. Are you ready to be amazed too?

Bring back the 'kampung nostalgic' when you start breaking fast with the assortment of starters from Kerabus and Ketupat palas.

(L-R clockwise) : Kerabu daging, Kerabu kaki ayam, Ketupat palas & Kerabu Soo Hoon.

Another starters..

Gado-gado & assortment of jeruk.

Ulam lovers? Here is something for you..

Nasi ulam with variety of ulam and not to forget sambal belacan and budu. Yummss!! My partner personally love the nasi ulam. 

Time for real food. These are some of the Armada's Ramadhan signature classic.

(L-R clockwise) : Baked fish with spinach (my favourite), beef with long beans in tomato, Kari kepala ikan & Briyani beef.

(L-R clockwise) : Lamb tagine, roast duck with honey garlic sauce, Kambing masak merah & sotong masak lemak cili api.

Looks tempting right?? Wait till you see the rest of the food. Everything looks yummy and taste nice too! I've been having trying to eat slow-nice-and-steady each time during buffet just to make sure I get to eat all the dishes.. Well, I don't think it's possible for me but at least I would try my best to try almost everything served. 

What is Berbuka Puasa without Bubur lambuk? I always thought that we could normally find bubur lambuk during Ramadhan. Correct? Or maybe if anyone makes it in other month....... well nevermind. Moving on.. Back in hometown, there will be one day or more in Ramadhan, people will make Bubur lambuk at mosque/surau. Frankly, I never joined them. Tau tau my father dah bawa balik sebungkus ke rumah ataupun ada orang datang hantar ke rumah.. Alhamdulillah. Weird thing is, if they put nuts in the bubur lambuk, I would normally took the nuts first out. Yup. I don't really eat nuts. 

My predict on the Bubur lambuk? Highly recommended.. Sangat sedap.  Harus makan yer..

Hold on.. Here is something for seafood lovers..

Fresh oysters with the sauce. 

Here comes my most favourite part. Desserts!!!!

Desserts include traditional Malay kuih. Pardon me on this part. Yours truly are only good at eating but hardly recognize some of the kuih.

More desserts

Basbousa (Middle eastern dessert), saxon pudding (Couldn't get enough of this.. Yummiest!!) 


Semua sangat sedap!! Yup.. I super love desserts.. 

More dessertssssssssss....

Enough with desserts? There was also Middle Eastern delicacies .... 

and kambing golek!! There were plenty more but I didn't really recognize which was middle eastern food. 

Sushi ader x? Ader....

I finished my IFTAR with this one nice looking dessert.

Cantik kan? But I didn't manage to finish it since it's a bit sour. 

Overall.. It was a nice Berbuka Puasa for me and my partner. Surau is located at Level 4 and it's convenience since you get to pause half way then go for Maghrib then head back to Utara Coffee House to dig in more food. Sounds awesome right. 

That't not all. Tu further celebrate this joyous occasion, they are running a competition at their official FB fan page.

For reservations, please call 03-79546888 ext.4557.

For more information, please contact :
Myza Nordin (Marketing Communication Manager)
Tel : 03-79546888 / 016-3717692
 Fax : 03-79585993
E-mail :
Website :
Facebook :


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