Monday, December 5, 2011

Ben's at KLCC ~~

Salam and greeting readers,

Read few tremendous reviews on ben's. Of course, I'm not going to be left out from good foods. I had in mind to go to ben's at Bangsar Village but somehow I ended up at KLCC. Ngeeeee. No matter what as long as it is ben's. It's been a while I haven't been to KLCC since partner spend most of his weekdays there, thus it seems unfair for him to still see the same atmosphere during weekend. But somehow, I guess that weekend I ran out of idea where to go, there we were.. When we arrived, no one greeted us at the entrance. Nvm. Diri-diri kejap x tau nak buat aper. So, we made our way into the place and picked our seat.

Traditional fish and chips. RM29.90.

Spaghettini Carbonara. RM21.90 .. with beef bacon, mushrooms and cream. Pricey. Just my 2 cents.

Choc banana smoothie. RM11.90. Watermelon. RM10.90.. Yummy~~~

I am grateful, at last I dapat juga merasa makan kat ben's. Though I would say, the foods are pricey. But I guess that is standard price at KL for that kind of foods and places. While waiting for the food, there were cue cards for you to play with, in case you ran out of idea to chat with your friends. LOL..

Hah.. jawab jawab..


There were like hundred (??) cue cards in the box. Have fun!!


farahnurzaheerahzaihan said...

okayy ! now i rasa lapar bila tengok entry youu . ishh . berirama dah perut nie . haha . makanan kat ben sedap okayyy . i pena jejak sekali je with my parents :')

MY said...

hehee.... menarik kan.. carbonara tu sdp yg amat.. patut pergi time lapar baru leh makan dgn jayanya..


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