Monday, November 14, 2011

Pastry Culture' @ Tropicana City Mall


Lama sungguh tak buat entry pasal makanan.. Photos taken but kept in my BB and pc. Phewww... Have to rearrange all photos and remember back where have I had this and that. I need to rename the foods after this.

Since early of this year, I have skipped Midvalley for outing destination and chose Tropicana City Mall instead. My partner chose it for obvious reason. Less crowd. Mungkin dah makin meningkat usia nie, lebih suka mencari tempat yang lebih tenang. (^.^) . Eh. My friend Nazia pun prefer Tropicana. But that girl is another story. She kinda dislike shopping. Huhu. Good girl.

We always passed by Pastry Culture but never decided to have a sit. So, that day.. konon-konon nak makan ringan-ringan .. rileks santai.. singgahlah before masuk wayang.

We took Pasta Special which consists of Mineral Water + pasta + Miniature cake of the day + Ice-cream. (It's in the banner)

Pasta with Mushroom + carbonara. Simple and sedap.

Miniature cake of the day + Ice-cream.

All that for RM9.90. *I don't remember whether tax is included or not.
Best kan...

Pastry Culture'
Lot Gok2 Ground Floor
Tropicana City Mall


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