Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Laksam @ Anis Puteri

Salam and greeting all ...

For people around Pantai Dalam/Kerinchi , I am sure you are fond of Anis Puteri Restaurant. Well, if you are Kelantanese, it would definitely add bonus point to it. Me? Not really. But I do love Kelantanese food. Trust me when I say I can eat budu with Nasi Kerabu while some can't or allergic to it. The only thing I can't stand with Anis Puteri is their drinks. They are way too sweet for me although I requested for "kurang kurang kurang" manis. Normally I would have plain water. 


Oh yeah.. I love laksam too!! Currently at my working place, one of my colleague's wife can cook laksam extremely WELL. Very the WELL I tell you until we always try to request to have her special laksam for certain occasion.Hehe..

This picture? Laksam that I had at Anis Puteri for breakfast. 

Cheers !!

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