Monday, November 21, 2011

It Was An Awesome Sunday !!


Of these..

It was just around the corner so I thought I could just dropped by at Nivea Clearance Sale. Perhaps could restock some stuffs. Haha.. Yeahh.. 

The sale was held at DKSH, Jalan Universiti, just right after Jaya One. Scholl Warehouse Sale was here too!! And you know what? Clarks was having Clarks Warehouse Sale at Jaya One during that precious weekend. Woot wooooooott.. Super awesome. It's like killing 3 birds with 1 stone. Ain't that super awesome..

My haul for Nivea Clearance Sale.. Price?

Nivea stick Calm & Care : RM9 for 2.
Nivea spray Extra Whitening : RM15 for 4 bottles.
Eucerin lotion : RM10 for 4. 

My friends and I divided the stuffs into 2. Otherwise I don't know how long will it take for the products to finish by self using. I'm glad I was not alone. If not, I won't be getting the super sale price. Terima kasih kawan. Siap jumpa my junior kat situ lg. Sasha who is apparently working with Nivea now. You go girl!!

OK.. Here comes the most exciting part. 

I'm so glad that I didn't have to queue for hours, like reviewed by most customers for the 1st 2 days. In fact,  I queued for merely few seconds to get into the hall. Not really pack.. Still breathing nicely. But heck.. It was  Clarks sale.. Everyone went frantic despite there were only 3 Chinese guys who had to keep pushing the tables forward again and again because of the crowd cramped at the popular site : Clarks Group (I think).  Haha. The main key is PATIENT. They'll serve you one by one regardless the maniac they were facing. Kudos to you guys !!

My haul? * Sikit jerr...

Managed to grab only 1 pair for myself since size was a very critical issue on very last day of sale. My friend was lucky enough to grab one pair of Un Piper in brown just as she wished while we were sorting out shoes in the middle lane when one nice uncle approached us asking what size are we looking for.. lucky girl.. Huhu.. Owh.. It was RM100 for Un Piper .. Retail price was RM248. Goodness. 

That Rustic Edge? It was RM358. Sale price? RM190.. Super awesome.. 

Alhamdulillah.. I'm all smile even it was merely for a new pair of sandal. Save a lot of money since I was thinking to buy Fit Flop.. *Urut dada.. Phewww.. 

I'm sure my partner can't wait to claim his shoes.. 




tujuhhariseminggu said...

huwaaa... x ajak... :)

MY said...


the sale is back... this weekend..


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