Thursday, November 3, 2011

Fixing Bobo's Ear

It was a disaster for Bobo..


I was referring to THIS entry.

Alhamdulillah.. No one was injured. Only a small dent on the bonnet and my side mirror was detached. The bracket (black part) was broken leaving it hanging and I was super scared that it might fell off while I was driving. Knowing me that always want everything to be fixed fast, and thank goodness the mirror only got the chance to hang for merely a day. Phewwww.. After all, who wants to be seen driving with a side mirror like that and most important thing is it was hard to not have that side mirror. Goshh.. My lecturer's car had a large dent. He managed to reverse but somehow still no luck on our side.

A bit of chronology for the whole fixing process.

The next day morning I called Perodua asking how much would that cost me to replace the side mirror. To my surprise, it costs RM336 (whole side mirror) + RM 40 (paint) + RM 25 (installation). *silent... huhu.. Then, I called the 2nd Perodua centre. RM336.40 (whole side mirror) + RM 50 (Paint). Installation fee was included. So, cheaper a bit from the 1st centre. Still *silent.

I turned to Mr. Google for help. I found THIS at

It cost RM88. And if you refer photo below, that was the only broken part since the mirror is still OK. *I saw a light of hope. Sinar harapan org Melayu ckp.

I told my colleague about that. But still, I need it fast and for that I need to dash to Shah Alam/Puchong to pick that stuff. Plan hold. So, we went to Bay Brothers at PJ. They don't sell the bracket itself. So, I took the whole side mirror for RM110 with the plan to use only the bracket.

Of to a bengkel afterwards. It was a bit complicated for the uncle to understand how I wanted it to be done since he insisted it couldn't be done. But with a lil bit of creativity by my colleague, we managed to pull it off. Yeayyyyy.. *Save the money for painting cost.

How can I not be grateful enough that day? I save from ~RM400 to only RM150.

Couldn't say more when Bobo's ear was completely fixed.

One fixed. 2 more to go.

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