Thursday, November 17, 2011

Climbing up Broga Hill

Salam and greeting bloggers...

It was fun!! Can't believe finally I made it up to Broga Hill. Although we didn't go up to the peak but it was certainly an experience. To hikers/climbers just shushhh will ya.. Hahahaa. Owh before that, please take note this entry is heavy loaded with photos. The journey itself will be divided into 2 entries. Over kan. (>.<) .. I departed from KL at 5.15 am. Late I know. Joined with the rest at Bangi at 5.40 am. We performed Subuh prayer at Masjid Semenyih. Lots of people already during that time. Then off to Broga Hill. The kebun kelapa sawit-parking area fee was RM2. The sun was rising already so, the dream to watch the sunrise went kaput

Here we go!!!

It was still a bit dark at 6.40 am . Everyone was still fresh and excited to conquer Broga Hill.

Half way there. This was like after several stop-checkpoints that we had.

Yang depan tu pendaki tegar. Yang belakang berbaju Arsenal Liverpool sama macam saya.. Naik Broga untuk kurangkan berat .. Hahahahahha..

Ok. Sempat..

This part was so steep. I sampai naik tak tgk bawah dah. Huhu. Pada yang dh biasa just shussshhh.. Senyap2 jer.

Half way up, the scenery was breathtaking. Terus tarik balik ckp tadi kata "This is my 1st and last coming up here" ... Next time nak naik lagi atas ke tempat yang belum sampai.

No idea which peak this is.

Since it was raining the night before, mud was all over the shoes.

Official shirt for Broga hill.. LOL.

Up up here we go.

Another pit stop.

No idea who that was.

That peak? We didn't go since it was sunny already. Panas. Tired too. 

View from top of a rock while having a photo taken upfront.

We went down at 9.30 am since it was getting hotter and sunnier. And mulalah keluar teori lapisan ozon yang makin nipis bermakna kita dh dekat dgn matahari .. Bla bla bla.. I'm sure most of you made that kind of theory as well, though in science term I'm not sure whether it is proven or not. You know better. 

Reached foothills in one piece. They sold coconut drink, mineral water etc. 

Luckily, I kept old newspapers in the boot-used as shoes mat. Less dirt for Bobo.

Yay !!!   

After that, we head off to Kampung Jeram Kedah which has an amazing-nice view waterfall.

Till then, see ya in next entry.

Cheers ..

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John Ragai said...

Hi Maisarah,
Great blog and interesting posting.
Love to climb this broga Hill one day.
May you have agreat day.
John Ragai


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