Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Vicchuda Tomyam at Damansara Utama

Salam and greeting readers..

For those who love Thai food, you should definitely go to Vicchuda Tomyam. Our malay style food was as delicious as ever. Everything was nice. My stomach is growling at the moment, leaving me with less energy to type this entry. It was an absolute tiring day to me.

I'll leave you with photos as usual..

All these!! For 7 people. It's not much actually when we had 2 people with huge appetite to finish the dishes.

Udang goreng tepung

Sambal petai udang

Telur dadar. Simple yet yummy. Not really good for dieting purpose.

Kailan ikan masin.

Tomyam..... Heaven...

Nasi.. Rice of course.. Kitorang siap tambah nasi.. Semua tank besar that evening.

Rose & Pandan TC Special. RM3.50 each.. Highly recommended.

Steamed Siakap. RM40 (1 ekor)

Siakap goreng tiga rasa... Another heavenly food. Sangat sedap .. Yummier if compared to Steamed Siakap.

Ayam goreng kunyit

In Ramadhan, it is open from 3pm until **am in the morning. I x ingat. Sempat lg nih nak berbuka puasa di situ. Sahur pun boleh.

Owh.. lupa.. Terima kasih pada yang sudi belanja kami pada hari itu. Moga murah rezeki selalu.

Rate : 5/5.. (over kan?)
Price : Standard price with other local restaurants. By saying local I don't mean to compare with Amarin.

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