Sunday, August 14, 2011

Splendid Saturday..

Indeed... It was one splendid afternoon to me yesterday.. After what feel like a week of breaking fast with only nestum CERELAC (I called it Nestum during my kid time), it is such a bless to be able to eat rice again. Huhuhuhu.. Owh.. Reason? I had my wisdom teeth out for good. Truthfully, I didn't really experienced the pain, except 4 hours before breaking fast. Well, thanks to the pills. They really took away the pain. Will tell you more on that later.

Back to my Saturday. My partner and I went to The Curve yesterday for breaking fast. We went out a bit early to avoid traffic jam but to our surprise, the road was quite clear. Thank goodness. First thing first, book a place for breaking fast. We decided to have our IFTAR at Ma'cik Biryani. Never tried that place before. As usual, we placed our booking and ordered food, then off to JJCM (not that cari makan.. cuci mata yer).. Puasa kan.. Our JJCM didn't really go well, I guess our empty tummy prohibit us from walking and shopping to the extend. But at least now I know those simple maxi dresses (from Korea and Hong Kong) didn't fit my butt well like mine which I bought from Supre via online. I would prefer them to be a bit loose. Or should I say, I have gain weight? *sob sob.. Ok ok.. abaikan.. As usual.. Photos..

Breaking fast at Ma'cik Biryani. Ala-carte.. The restaurant is located at 1st floor beside Chomey (Kelantan cuisine). During Ramadhan, Chomey's breaking fast is Buffet type. RM35++ (if I'm not mistaken) per adult.

Biryani chicken.. If you eat like me, don't bother to share. My 1st impression, I said "Wow.. This dish can be shared for 2 persons.. Plenty of rice.. Boleh mintak pinggan kosong 1 lg nie..".. Nahh. I finished all of it by myself (minus few spoons that my partner had). Here, they don't serve the dish with kuah dal (?) which is normally served with nasi biryani (or briyani?). So, it is a bit dry.

Pardon me for the not so good arrangement of rice & chicken. This is after I put them on the plate. Price ? RM17.80

Koewteow Soup Pedas. In the menu it is bee hoon. My partner opt for koewteow. This one super nice. RM13.80

Ice cream with jelly.. RM3.80.. It tastes just nice.. Like .. ice cream .. What else?

Honey lime. It is honey lime.. But I really missed Tappers' version. Need to head to Tappers soon.

Overall, I like the restaurant's ambient.. There will be one person to check whether all your ordered food has arrived or not. One thing is, all of them are not local. Ke ader?

After prayer, we went to e@Curve to catch movie. The plan is to watch Rise of the planet of the Apes but somehow we diverted to Horrible Bosses.

My 2 cents? Hilarious.. lot's of laugh practically for its xxx scene/words/dialogs. I quite dislike for its tooooo many F*** words. Once, twice, three times fine. Throughout the movies? Blurrrghh.. I know.. I mmg orthodox. Please excuse me for that.

Enjoy your Sunday!!

p/s - Thank you. I guess mind reading does exist. Or should I call it a coincidence?
.. >.< ..


Hafiz Ismi said...

Mai Chang~
Best x makan kt sini? xpernah masuk pun cni,slalu tgk dari sebelah sebelah jek(Vivo). Rating?

MY said...

hafiz chang..

Ok la.. tp nak dpt briyani terbaik lg JM briyani or INSAF lg terbaik lah..
Rating? I would say 4/5 ..
Koewteow sup pedas tu sedap!!


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