Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sesi mengINSAFkan diri..

Assalamualaikum and greeting bloggers,

Alhamdulillah.. Hari ke-6 puasa berpeluang berbuka bersama sahabat-sahabat dari Bangi.


My partner joined us too. It was a blessed breaking fast. Dramatic aite? Ye la.. If not with anyone, buka puasa sorang2 je.. thus whenever this kind of opportunity comes, I am grateful for it. We started the afternoon with jalan-jalan at Jalan Masjid India all the way up till Jalan TAR. Now I know we can cross over the road to reach Jalan TAR. I never knew it before. Huhu. The place wasn't really packed with people yet. Bermaksud takder sampai berlaga-laga bahu lagi yer. Sangat menggugat iman berjalan di lorong-lorong gerai dengan lambakan juadah hidangan dan makanan-makanan yang sangatlah menarik. Gosh.. We decided to have a mini breaking fast prior to real breaking fast. We had air mata kuching for RM1 (small) and RM2 (big) first. Off to Masjid Polis over there for Maghrib. Or was it surau?

Wanna know where we had our breaking fast?


Any clue?

Owh.. before that.. They were the one suggested this restaurant. Claimed that it is famous and had been reviewed in newspapers etc. Mat Salleh pun ader dtg jugak.

Noticed only soya and coke on the tables? The waiter (?) claimed that ice tea, milo etc were no longer available at that time. It was ~ 8.30pm when we got there. So..

We had .........

Nasi beriyani ayam kurma..

Nasi beriyani ayam goreng

Nasi beriyani ayam madu

Nasi beriyani ayam Massala..

Where can you get all those yummy Nasi Beriyani?

Restoran INSAF !!!!

Located along Jalan TAR beside Gulatis (?)

My 2 cents? It was delicious.. I don't know whether it was because of fasting or what.. Worth the money. Kenyang .. I know in Bangi section 15, you can get half the price from this restaurant. It's an option.

Total cost?


Selamat berbuka pada yang berpuasa..

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