Friday, August 19, 2011

Indonesia Food at Brisik, Jaya One

Salam and greeting readers,

I never thought Jaya One has hidden restaurants inside it. I accidentally knew about other shops in it, when I went to Ecoparadise to have hot bed after purchasing coupon. One day, while walking around Jaya One in searching for restaurants to eat, we stumbled into Brisik. They serve Indonesian food. Me loikeeee.. We went in since we wanted to eat rice, and other option was mamak restaurant. Not in the mood for mamak that day. We went upstairs, the decoration was splendid. Very colourful and the light was a bit dimmed. Feeling feeling romantic gitewww..

Hardly remember this one. Ayam rendang? Hmm.. if it is.. it is Rm20. Sangat sedap!!! We had nasi Brisik (aromatic steamed rice cook with pumpkin) with the lauk. Sedap jugak.

Sate ayam.. Yummy jugak.. This one x ingat price.. I didn't take picture of it.

I love the food. They speak for the price. Worth it. Boleh pergi lagi insyaAllah.


Budak Kenit said...

klu ayam mmg laju jek pinat cakap sedap..

MY said...

haha.. sgt sedap.. tapi sgt mahal...


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