Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Berbuka puasa di Belanga..

Salam & greeting readers...

Alhamdulillah... Yesterday was our 2nd day fasting in Ramadhan. I am grateful that I am still given chance to face Ramadhan this year and also for many other things. >.< .. My 1st day of breaking fast was with my family. It was a marvelous thing to get to sahur and buka puasa with family. Why? Mother's cook la darls... Haiya... Drooooooool...... Cuti 2 hari mmg berbaloi-baloi.

2nd day buka puasa? Berjaya buka puasa dgn partner.. Alhamdulillah. Due to heavy traffic jam, he managed to reach me after almost 2 hours. So typical of Ramadhan with traffic jam. Luckily SS2 Mall is nearby. It was my 1st time going inside SS2 Mall despite it's merely few minutes (minus traffic jam at the roundabout) from my place. To my surprise, the mall is huge. But of course, still looks empty since most of the stores are not opened yet. Btw, free parking is provided inside. We reached Belanga at 7pm. Sempat order dan dpt makanan sebelum berbuka. FYI, only few customers at that time. Probably it's still early. Loikeee.. Dapat berbuka puasa dengan tenang.

Nasi goreng belacan. Yummy..

Nasi kerabu ayam percik : RM13.90.. Sedap. Tapi seriously teringat nasi kerabu Wan Atiq kat Pasar malam Bangi. My 2 cents.. Wan Atiq's version is way stomach blowing. Translate : Wan Atiq nyer lagi masyuk.

Coconut shake (RM8.90) and sagoo... NR Cafe at Kuala Terengganu coconut shake is still unbeatable!! However, the sagoo is nice.

Kurma pun ada..

OK.. If you are looking for any extra desserts, Tutti Frutti is just right down there from Belanga. A surau is provided at Ground floor too. Easy right?

Gosh.. Drafting this entry really make my stomach go growwwwllllllll.. It's lunch time now but I'll publish it later on. Ahaks.. Sgt seksa. If any of you who happen to drop by, do you mind to share with me any suggestions of restaurant or gerai to have buka puasa. I quite do not fancy buffet type. It's not good for my diet (and my purse too).. Huhu.

Thank you!!

Selamat berbuka..


shebiho said...

oh mai, sedapnya nasi goreng belacan tu!! tutti frutti !

shebiho said...

OMG, the nasi goreng belacan looks marvelous and super yummy. miss the tutti frutti as well.

MY said...

Wakk!!!!!!!!! Sgt sedap.. Awak balik nnt kita together gether g Tutti Frutti yer.. Kat bangi dah ader kan...


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