Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Balinese Chicken @ Kenny Rogers Roasters..

Salam and greeting readers,

Less fat.. less salt.. less calories... Super awesome.. Konon2 boleh makan super banyak without having to think of fat. Seriously? Aper2 pun.. Alhamdulillah kenyang.. Kenny Rogers Roasters yall....

This took place at Tropicana City Mall. It was on Sunday .. We managed to successfully book the table at 6.40pm.

As usual .. These muffins come with the set. Banana & chocolate (always my favourite)

1/4 black pepper chicken with corn, coleslaw and fresh fruits.

Try this!! 1/4 Balinese Chicken (marinated in special citrus, herbs and spice) with mashed potato, potato salad and rice. RM17.50.. Yummy!!!

Tea latte & Caramel chocolate ice blended.

Owh.. please try this.. Must try!! Heavenly delicious.

Warm chocolate oasis... Extremely drooling.. beneath the ice cream and choc cake is the warm chocolate sauce. I hope I get that right. But seriously.. Must try..

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