Friday, June 17, 2011

Style your hair @ VANITY HairVEN

Salam & greeting allllssssss

After seeing Huda's new hair style I was amazed with the new look.. hahahaa.. So OTT. I mean me . Not you Huda. Oh yeah.. She had her hair cut at Clip & Tips located at Jaya One. Will blog about it soon. She did mention in her blog about her haircut. Before that, I went over to one saloon (not going to name name) to have my hair done but seriously, I kinda not satisfied with the service. Oh yeah.. I went with a voucher as well. I was like.. Owh.. I used a voucher and maybe that's why my hair cut was done way tooooooo simple. Sedih tau.. I know I'm a voucher discount freak. But still, if your service was good people will certainly revisit your saloon in the future. Same thing with your tailor right? When I found one good decent tailor with a service of nice cut & tailored baju kurung etc, I would certainly never change my tailor (until I found another better one of course).

Before that.. I'm obviously not going to post up my new hair style here. I'm sure your hair style is waaayyyyyy much stylo than mine. So, here is the promotion. Click HERE.

RM59 for a Scalp Revitalization + Scalp Energizing Lotion worth RM158 & Senior Hair Cut + Wash + Blow worth up to RM60 at Vanity Hairven

It still available for the next 22 hours. Hurry up!! Once you have purchase the voucher you can straight away print the voucher and call Vanity Hairven to make an appointment. Vanity Hairven is located at Sunway Giza. Best kan? The basement parking pun murah je. RM 1 for 1st 3 hours. Ok la kan..


My hair stylist for the the night. Her name? Pris. She's beautiful. Even my partner agreed on that. And sgt happy happy. PR of course tip top. Tapi skill tangan pun terbaik jugak. Me loikeeeee.. Not so clear the pic?

Clear? Good... I would definitely recommend you to get your hair styled by her.

Her name card

My partner was styled by Terry (I hope I get your name correct). Yg tue pun recommended. So, if you wanted a new hair style or a hair cut, it won't be a harm to try. Plus, treatment for scalp was included too!! Alamak.. Didn't get the girl's name who did the treatment and wash. Anyhow thank you. It was indeed a splendid service by both of you.

Another extra info.. For HSBC cardholder .. You'll get 20% off from the total price you paid. For example.. A haircut for man by senior stylist will cost you RM40 (I rasa la). After 20% disc? You do the math.. That's the price you have to swipe.

p/s - My mum said I look like secondary school student with new hair style. Siap ckp mcm dalam gmbr amik tepi tingkap dalam dorm kat Pokok Sena. I wonder which photo.


MamaYsha said...

Do they have a private room for muslim woman or not?

MY said...

Emmm.. Not that I'm aware of.. Mcm xder.. huhu


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