Monday, June 27, 2011

Pob Cut @ Clip & Tips

Salam & greeting all,

As promised at my previous entry on talking about Clip & Tips hair Studio. I bought a voucher at Hahah deals for a hair cut + wash + blow at Clip & Tips for RM18/RM20. I can't recall how much was it. I think it was RM18. Clip & Tips is located at Jaya One, Petaling Jaya. Merely 5 minutes away from my place. Since it's near (super cheap actually), I bought it for my partner to have a try since he always complain about his unmanageable-not many hair stylist can't understand hair. Thing happened. I asked Huda whether she wanted to try it. She agreed. So, I brought her instead. It is located at Jaya One, basement car park.

Her hair was done by Nicholas. From their FB page, I knew that he's a specialist in short hair. It's proven!! So, if you want to transform your long hair into super short or bob cut like previously Victoria Beckham had, I highly recommend him to style your hair.

Posh bob = Pob cut .. Seriously they'll turn out as gorgeous as you could ever imagined.

Clip & Tips do provide manicure and pedicure service. However I haven't seen anyone have their nails done during my visit.

The other hairstylist, Benny if I'm not mistaken is just as good as Nicholas. I've seen one customer telling his friend that he's good. And yeah.. So, if you are up for a short hair cut you should get it here. Just my 2 cents. I had my hair done previously at Vanity Hairven and guess what, I had it cut again at Clip & Tips since the haircut makes me feeling unease when I'm wearing my 'tudung' (hijab).. Rambut tkeluar sana-sini. I'm sure most girls would get what I meant here.

Owh no.. I'm not being paid by telling you all this. Purely my $0.02..

As for Muslim ladies.. I didn't notice whether they have private room for us or not. Don't think so.


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