Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wordless Wednesday #5

Monday, June 27, 2011

Pob Cut @ Clip & Tips

Salam & greeting all,

As promised at my previous entry on talking about Clip & Tips hair Studio. I bought a voucher at Hahah deals for a hair cut + wash + blow at Clip & Tips for RM18/RM20. I can't recall how much was it. I think it was RM18. Clip & Tips is located at Jaya One, Petaling Jaya. Merely 5 minutes away from my place. Since it's near (super cheap actually), I bought it for my partner to have a try since he always complain about his unmanageable-not many hair stylist can't understand hair. Thing happened. I asked Huda whether she wanted to try it. She agreed. So, I brought her instead. It is located at Jaya One, basement car park.

Her hair was done by Nicholas. From their FB page, I knew that he's a specialist in short hair. It's proven!! So, if you want to transform your long hair into super short or bob cut like previously Victoria Beckham had, I highly recommend him to style your hair.

Posh bob = Pob cut .. Seriously they'll turn out as gorgeous as you could ever imagined.

Clip & Tips do provide manicure and pedicure service. However I haven't seen anyone have their nails done during my visit.

The other hairstylist, Benny if I'm not mistaken is just as good as Nicholas. I've seen one customer telling his friend that he's good. And yeah.. So, if you are up for a short hair cut you should get it here. Just my 2 cents. I had my hair done previously at Vanity Hairven and guess what, I had it cut again at Clip & Tips since the haircut makes me feeling unease when I'm wearing my 'tudung' (hijab).. Rambut tkeluar sana-sini. I'm sure most girls would get what I meant here.

Owh no.. I'm not being paid by telling you all this. Purely my $0.02..

As for Muslim ladies.. I didn't notice whether they have private room for us or not. Don't think so.


Thursday, June 23, 2011


I Need A Doctor ::: Dr. Dre ft Eminem & Skylar Grey


Friday, June 17, 2011

Style your hair @ VANITY HairVEN

Salam & greeting allllssssss

After seeing Huda's new hair style I was amazed with the new look.. hahahaa.. So OTT. I mean me . Not you Huda. Oh yeah.. She had her hair cut at Clip & Tips located at Jaya One. Will blog about it soon. She did mention in her blog about her haircut. Before that, I went over to one saloon (not going to name name) to have my hair done but seriously, I kinda not satisfied with the service. Oh yeah.. I went with a voucher as well. I was like.. Owh.. I used a voucher and maybe that's why my hair cut was done way tooooooo simple. Sedih tau.. I know I'm a voucher discount freak. But still, if your service was good people will certainly revisit your saloon in the future. Same thing with your tailor right? When I found one good decent tailor with a service of nice cut & tailored baju kurung etc, I would certainly never change my tailor (until I found another better one of course).

Before that.. I'm obviously not going to post up my new hair style here. I'm sure your hair style is waaayyyyyy much stylo than mine. So, here is the promotion. Click HERE.

RM59 for a Scalp Revitalization + Scalp Energizing Lotion worth RM158 & Senior Hair Cut + Wash + Blow worth up to RM60 at Vanity Hairven

It still available for the next 22 hours. Hurry up!! Once you have purchase the voucher you can straight away print the voucher and call Vanity Hairven to make an appointment. Vanity Hairven is located at Sunway Giza. Best kan? The basement parking pun murah je. RM 1 for 1st 3 hours. Ok la kan..


My hair stylist for the the night. Her name? Pris. She's beautiful. Even my partner agreed on that. And sgt happy happy. PR of course tip top. Tapi skill tangan pun terbaik jugak. Me loikeeeee.. Not so clear the pic?

Clear? Good... I would definitely recommend you to get your hair styled by her.

Her name card

My partner was styled by Terry (I hope I get your name correct). Yg tue pun recommended. So, if you wanted a new hair style or a hair cut, it won't be a harm to try. Plus, treatment for scalp was included too!! Alamak.. Didn't get the girl's name who did the treatment and wash. Anyhow thank you. It was indeed a splendid service by both of you.

Another extra info.. For HSBC cardholder .. You'll get 20% off from the total price you paid. For example.. A haircut for man by senior stylist will cost you RM40 (I rasa la). After 20% disc? You do the math.. That's the price you have to swipe.

p/s - My mum said I look like secondary school student with new hair style. Siap ckp mcm dalam gmbr amik tepi tingkap dalam dorm kat Pokok Sena. I wonder which photo.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Otak-Otak lagi...

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.. Greetings all..

Nak tunjuk/cakap pasal rezeki kan.. harus mula dengan bagi salam..

Our 2nd visit to Otak-Otak.. I'm not really into this place. But somehow jalan-jalan at Tropicana kinda make my choices of foods restricted.

Haip.. Tak baik komplen.

Nasi lemak.. A usual nasi lemak. Eh.. versi otak-otak..

Sweet and sour fish with white rice.. Fish fillet in tomato-based sweet & sour sauce with white rice.. Price : RM 9.90

That's all.. huhuhu..

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A reminder to all of us

I'm sure some of you have shared this video on Facebook..

A performance on Korea's Got Talent by Sung-boong Choi. Such an incredible talent.

.A reminder to all of us.

If you ever feel your life is miserable enough, always remember others may have worst than what you've been through. Let's take is a challenge and face it like a much better person than before.

p/s - Did you just shed your tears?

Monday, June 6, 2011

Turning point?

Gloomy Monday.. yeah.. Without a doubt.. Woke up this morning with an indescribable feeling.. Still struggling in these first few hours to walk around with a straight face.

I have a confession to make.. BUT. Let's wait.. I'm still praying for the best. I certainly do not want this to be the turning point of my life. I've been hoping this could not be real in any time zone of mine.

Please do reserve some of your prayers for me. If it's not for the best, I'm hoping for something to make me stronger.

Take care.


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