Monday, May 30, 2011

Otak-Otak @ Tropicana City Mall

Salam and greeting bloggers,

Kinda outdated. These photos were in the flickr for quite a while.. But.. do enjoy.

otak2 2

Vintage bicycle..

otak2 3

otak2 4

Char Koew Teow

otak2 5


otak2 1

Otak-Otak @ Tropicana City Mall

Friday, May 20, 2011

Ketam Celup Tepung!!

Salam & greeting all,

Too many things that I want to update but somehow couldn't fine time to do so. Or maybe mood-less to move my fingers. Entry foodies 1st!!


Last weekend, my team/friends spent our time at Kuala Terengganu for a week. Gosh.. It was so hot till I bathed couple of times in a day. Freaking hot. But luckily, towards the end of the week, it started to rain, Alhamdulillah till I stopped complaining. Hahaha.. Before we went over, my friend already told me about YUMMY FOOD!! Naaaaaa.. It's not yummy but more to 'wajib makan' when we are there. Tapi still sedap lah. Only on our 3rd last day, we managed to go over that place. It's kinda hard for us to go, since we're only free during dark and that KETAM place closed at ~7.30pm. Thank you to you for lending me your car. Can't express how thankful I am. Dapat jugak makan ketam. Xder la balik KL kempunan. Owh.. it's located at Teluk Ketapang. Famous place, so I guess most of you already knew about it. There are few gerai so you get to choose which gerai to seat in. Nama gerai? Tak ingat.. huhu.. Owh.. Please take note.. Photos are taken with hp. Didn't bring along my baby.

Udang celup tepung

Sotong celup tepung

Ikan pari?

And the most awaited .. Ketam celup tepung!! This was the one, that my friend keep bragging to me on how large the crab is. The crab's price STARTS at RM12 per each. The bigger the crab is, the makcik will alert you on the price.

..^.^ ..

Then, that night, we went to NR Cafe (suggested by Jar).. The place was just nice. Nothing fancy. But .. The coconut shake was mind blowing. Siap ada ice cream. The ice cream looks like a piece of isi kelapa. Tertipu di situ. Location? Merely few minutes from Universiti Malaysia Terengganu (UMT). From UMT turn left then fix your eyes to the left road. You'll definitely find it.

This ABC? Location : Mengabang Telipot. They do have Jagung Parut. Celup tepung here was just so and so.

What interest me the most is the view and sea breeze.



p/s - Thank you. I really am.


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