Monday, April 18, 2011

Sweet Indulgence @ Marmalade, Bangsar Village II

Salam & greeting bloggers !!

I've been googling for cafes to have light snack or desserts for the fun of 'lepak-ing' around Bangsar. Until to-date, I found quite a number of them. For example, in Bangsar Village I & II, there are 13 restaurants/cafes respectively. Total of them is 26! Banyak kan.. Such a food galore I must say and definitely going to try one by one of them. I stated here Bangsar Village since it is one of the nearest spot to my place besides Midvalley. I guess, my dream came true. *Over la sgt.. Makan je pun.. Last week, I had a chance to indulge sweet & yummy cakes at MARMALADE. Yay!!! Thanks Naz !! *bukan nama sebenar. LOL... Since her friend was here, I got to be treated too. FYI, saya GPS bergerak untuk dia. Enough said.. Hope the pictures won't spoil you.

The entrance.. in the middle..

Turn left, then you'll see this.

Dah tergugat selera? Masuk dalam lagi.. you'll see yellow colour everywhere. Very cute & funky.

When you arrive at the table.. Blue table. Kontra kan.

Are you ready? Presenting...

Banoffe cake. Seriously, SANGAT yummy!! Highly recommended. Mind blowing till you forget your diet. *grrrrrrrr..

Latte .... *I forgot.. Pahit!! But I guess that's how it is suppose to be.

Red velvet cake. Quite dry.. T_T .
Three of us shared 2 slices of that cake and end up very full. Next time, should try one slice at each visit.

Strawberry delight (strawberries, honey yogurt & crushed ice).
Fruit shake (bananas, strawberries & vanilla ice cream).
Both are delicious... Not so sweet.. Just the way we love it. RM11 each.

Time to say goodbye. We went to window shopping afterwards. Tak beli aper.. Tgk tingkap pun jadi. Her friend is a big fan of Liz Claiborne. So, we went inside and found these 2 cozy sofas and a huge mirror.

MasyaAllah.. baru perasan pipi saya sungguh moolat!!!
I blame the cake.. Period.


Budak Kenit said...

erghh! terliur plak tngok..huhu..
garfu nye mmg mcm tuh ke? hehe..

MY said...

ha'a kan.. at first tgk garpu tue pk ader ke garpu cmnie.. ke design semata-mata... tapi diabaikan ja fakta tue.. yg penting makan.



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