Monday, April 11, 2011

Balifeel @ Bangsar Sphere

Salam and greeting bloggers... Phew.... It's been a while..
Alhamdulillah for being surrounded with friends who enjoy eating as much as I do.. No wonder I keep gaining weight.. Huhuhu.. So, have you heard of Balifeel? Located at Bangsar Sphere, serve Indonesian food. I've been visiting this place regularly last time, but then I skipped visiting Balifeel since I prefer Pecel Lele at Hentian Kajang which cost me only RM4.50 as compared to Balifeel which is double up the price. My visit last week to Balifeel was with friends (orang belanja).. Ngeeeee.. Rezeki rezeki....

For those who stay around Bangsar, Kerinchi, Pantai Dalam must be familiar or have heard of Balifeel. Carrefour is here too. Kalau selalu beli barang dapur di Carrefour mesti perasan restoran tersebut. At Balifeel, you can opt to sit inside or outside. If you want the air-con, you have no option but to seat inside.

How it looks inside

..... , Lychee Soda & ..........

Ayam penyet RM 8.90. Fried marinated flatten chicken served with salad, tempe, tauhu & spicy sambal. If you want to have it with rice (nasi uduk) you have to add RM1.20.

Tomyam RM10.00 .. They have quite a range of tomyam just like other Thai restaurants.

Idaman Balifeel RM24. A combination of grilled prawns, fish, cumi cumi & chicken rendang served with urap (?), lalap (?) and spicy sambal.

Look yummy right? But I still miss the crunchiness of catfish at Hentian Kajang..



Fariza said...

i selalu lalu restaurant itu tapi x pernah makan di situ.
blogwalking :)

MY said...

mmg yummy.. xper.. once in a while bo try.. just nice rasa dia..


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