Thursday, February 3, 2011

Sandakan Trip - Part II

Salam and greeting bloggers,

As mentioned HERE, our dinner!!! Local told us there are 2 seafood restaurants in Sandakan - Ocean King (the famous) & Restaurant Pasir Putih Baru (least famous). Mr. Darby (we rent a car from him), told us that the quality of the food for both of the restaurants are the same except Ocean King is more expensive than Pasir Putih Baru. But, in terms of choices, Ocean King is better. I'm not a seafood avid eater, so, I couldn't care less whichever as long the price speaks according to the taste. Still, cheaper is better. *cheapskate.

We went through the road then, since we saw Pasir Putih Baru first, we just parked in our car there. These are what we have :

sotong goreng tepung

Sotong Goreng Tepung


Ikan &*%&^$%^$ masak taucu.. I tak ingat nama ikan.

Udang goreng mentega

Udang goreng mentega

Sayur campur

Sayur campur .. Mixed vege

Total is RM91.90.. Is it cheap? Atau sama ja makan dekat Alai or Umbai, Melaka? Been there.. Perhaps different place different style/price/quality?



badrol said...

salam,boleh tlg bg cadangan number contact utk kereta sewa di sandakan dan tempat mkan yang menarik di sekitar sandakan.

MaxAngel said...

Klu mo datang sandakan sini mmg ada kereta sewa senang jg cari. tempat makan ada juga yg best. selain ocean king ada jg tempat lain. Makanan laut jg


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