Friday, February 25, 2011

Cheaper Version of Assets & Spanx : Style Up!!

Found this Style Up at Uniqlo, Fahrenheit 88 yesterday. Yay.. Finally.. dah sampai jugak Fahrenheit.. Though in the end I conclude nothing really special there especially the foods. Might as well cross over to Pavilion if you want to eat.

Okay.. I don't read Japanese, thus I couldn't explain to you what it is all about. But, all I can say is, it is sort of a cheaper version (way cheaper) of Assets & Spanx. I own a ASSETS Sensational Shaper which work just fine for me. That explains why I din't buy the shorts one. Tapi sekarang fikir rasa rugi lak x beli. huhuhu. Uniqlo was having a limited period sale yesterday and this Style Up was slashed to 50% discount from Rm49.90 to RM 24.90. Hip hip horaaaayy.. No harm to buy one. I tried both size M & L. Not much different for me since they are stretchy.

*For those with awesome Japanese tongue and hand, please correct me if I translated katakana words up there wrongly.

Owh.. I amik L since takut gemuk nanti.. But somehow rasa patut amik M kot kot nanti it'll lost tahap ke'strecthy'-an nya.

Sale lagi ke esok? ke dh balik price asal? Ok. should call before going back there.. Ngeee..


Jessying said...

i saw this too, thinking to try but worry not comfy. How is it ? do you feel comfy>>

MY said...

It's not that super comfy.. But somehow with the price (especially with the discount) I guess it is worth it. I wore this underneath shirt and trousers and it does roll up once in a while but manageable. Not that often. If wearing it under air conditioner for a long hours then it will be fine.. If you are going to wear it under the sun for long hours, I suggest don't.

Just my 2 cents.


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