Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Sandakan Trip - Part I

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Here is the 1st part of my holiday at Sandakan. It was unplanned. I bought tickets for me and my family to Sandakan during Air Asia promo. Why Sandakan? Well, during that time only Sandakan tickets price sound reasonable enough to me. Plus, I haven't been to East Malaysia before. So, why not..

17 January 2011

View from AK5160-3

We departed from LCCT at 7.35 am. Flight duration from KL to Sandakan took 2 hours & 45 minutes. Upon our arrival we took cab to the hotel. RM26.50 to Seafront Hotel. Nothing much to see at the airport. From my view : None .. Only souvenir shops for last minute shopping and rental car booths outside the airport. Taxi services are provided with coupon purchase. So, no tipu-tipu. There is a tourist agency if you are looking for any infos on Sandakan such as places to visit etc.

Sandakan airport

It took only 15-20 minutes to our hotel. Luckily we managed to check in earlier than it should be. The driver told us the hotel that we stay was located in dead city. Dead city? YESH!! But like Bangi, they do have new town where you can find Secret recipe, Old Town etc. Some people that we met through our stay told us that places to visit are far from each other. Well. Not really. It was not that far. Semua cakap Sepilok jauh sangat dari bandar. Tapi bila bawa kereta eh eh eh eh.. Dah sampai rupanya.. So, xda la jauh sgt. Mungkin sebab kereta pun tak banyak. I'll tell about Sepilok visit on my next entry.

Back to the hotel. The hotel was just fine. Only the water pressure was damn too low. Tapi masih boleh mandi. The location was near to KD Sri Sandakan. You can see the sea from the hotel. Rest for a while. Then off to KFC. Very old-school the town I tell ya. But!! You can see all banks are here. Well..most of them. HSBC, CIMB, Maybank etc. Shopping? Definitely NOT a place for it.


Datang Sandakan cari KFC jugak. There are not many decent stalls here. We found Guardian, Watsons and Body Shop located side by side. Since mum forgot to bring her lipstick, she bought it there. Again, I compared prices between Guardian & Watsons. End up save RM3. Hahaaaa..

Sandakan view 3

Harbour mall

Harbour Mall in the making.. Awesome!!!

Bas mini

Bas mini. They use van too.

KD Sri Sandakan

KD Sri Sandakan

KD Sri Sandakan 2

Kapal ini diberi nama KEDAH.. hip hip horrrrreeeyyyy!!

Sandakan view 2

Nampak KFC? Bodyshop is somewhere around here.. Go left.

That night we had seafood for dinner. Pics will be uploaded later..


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