Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Kuku Bar @ Bangsar

Salam and greeting bloggers,

It's my day off!! Since my bff Huda came over as usual before went back to Miri, I took the day off. Feels great to have the day off while others were working. Don't you think? Okay. Morning arise, we woke up early because we need to go over to my friend's house since my house ran out of water due to the broken pipe outside. I wonder who hit that thing. Grrrrrrrr.... Luckily her house was only 2 stairs down. Then, around 10 am , off to Bangsar. I made an appointment at Kuku Bar using vouchers that I purchased via MyDeal at 11 am. Despite the usual busy-not-easy to get parking there, I was lucky to get a parking spot in a nick of time. What a good day to start. Paid the parking from 10.30 am until 2.30 pm. You definitely need to remember to pay the parking ticket since the authority always around to check your tickets displayed in your car.

We found Kuku Bar located at Jalan Telawi, Bangsar along with Alan Inspiration and Al-Rajhi bank. *only remember that 2. FYI, that RM33 voucher does not include buffing or colouring. Only basic manicure and pedicure. I added RM10 (buffing nails) & RM12 (buffing toes). Paid extra RM22.. another grrrrrrrr.. I might not read the voucher clearly. If I knew that, I may not ended buying the vouchers at all. I always go to Nail Bar @ Isetan, The Gardens and it costs me RM50 for pedicure and manicure. Buffing included. Enough complain. However, they were friendly and did my nails and toes amazingly. *clap clap.


@ KukuBar with Huda

We were the only customers there so, camwhoring without segan silu. Ngeeeeeee...


Started with pedicure.


Then only proceed with manicure.

KukuBar with Huda

Oh yeah.. Huda had her fingers with inai days before and they turn out nice and shiny after the manicure was done. It could be a tip for those who wanted their inai to look shiny.

After we left Kuku Bar, we went for a walk around, a thing that I've always wanted to do since there are so many shops around there. We made a stop at Sommerset Nails and Waxing. Wanna know what we did there? Wait for my next entry.

Till then, cheers..

Kuku Bar
1st Floor, No 20 A,
Jalan Telawi, Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur.

03 2284 5516


Anonymous said...

I like ur post on manicure session. Seems interesting

MY said...

Thanks.. Yup. Kinda interesting.

ElyaElmo said...

klo kiter nk pakai inai takpe tau wat manicure ni?

MY said...

elya ,

emm x fhm.. tpi my jawab gak lah.. my rasa x per wat.. tp better tanya yg dah buat lah kan.. kot2 nak try ke? hehe

Anonymous said...

can share the contact no of Nail Bar, Isetan The Gardens

MY said...

will update here with the contact number later.. But you can just pay a visit there. It's located at shoes section ground floor inside isetan The Gardens. need to walk in till you see Nail bar. like a mini corner but with a proper close place for you to be pampered. The workers are Philippine if I'm not mistaken. On weekdays normally only 1 person will be there. Friday and weekends there'll be 2 workers.


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