Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Wordless Wednesday #11 Gorgeous Miss Fazura

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Ombak Rindu & Garrett..

Wednesday is always a movie day.. It's for obvious reason - cheaper ticket price !!

What did I watch last Wednesday?

Ombak Rindu .. pheww.. watched it for the sake of rave review and my male colleagues and friends confessed that they CRIED while watching it. I was like errrr... Seriously? Ok.. Honestly, I did spare tissue paper just in case I sobbed. Well.. No.. I didn't. Terasa pun tidak.. Or maybe it was because we were seating beside one obsessed lady, who kept complaining/reviewing/arguing throughout the movie. Sekejap sekejap 'Pekak ke' - this was where she mimicked Aaron's dialogue to Maya Karin. Or 'Nak buang, buang je lah.. simpan aper lg' - this took place when Lisa Surihani was on a bed crying and pulling out her huge wedding ring after she found out about Izzah just to put it back again. Such an annoying lady. Countless words/lousy thoughts was out from her non-stop blabbering mouth. Should always bear in mind everyone is paying the same ticket price with you. On the other hand, I'm just glad my partner was the one seating beside her. Goodness. 

Another thing is.. Garrett!!!!

Got to taste it for the 2nd time. 

Almond caramel crisp. RM19 for small pack. Pricey but worth it. A bit too sweet to my taste though. Ok la.. xder nak makan selalu.. Right?

My attire for the day .. Top Mellow Jersey Blouse by Poplook. Super love the fabric. It was my 1st ever purchase from Poplook.

Love is messy..

True or false?

Monday, December 5, 2011

Ben's at KLCC ~~

Salam and greeting readers,

Read few tremendous reviews on ben's. Of course, I'm not going to be left out from good foods. I had in mind to go to ben's at Bangsar Village but somehow I ended up at KLCC. Ngeeeee. No matter what as long as it is ben's. It's been a while I haven't been to KLCC since partner spend most of his weekdays there, thus it seems unfair for him to still see the same atmosphere during weekend. But somehow, I guess that weekend I ran out of idea where to go, there we were.. When we arrived, no one greeted us at the entrance. Nvm. Diri-diri kejap x tau nak buat aper. So, we made our way into the place and picked our seat.

Traditional fish and chips. RM29.90.

Spaghettini Carbonara. RM21.90 .. with beef bacon, mushrooms and cream. Pricey. Just my 2 cents.

Choc banana smoothie. RM11.90. Watermelon. RM10.90.. Yummy~~~

I am grateful, at last I dapat juga merasa makan kat ben's. Though I would say, the foods are pricey. But I guess that is standard price at KL for that kind of foods and places. While waiting for the food, there were cue cards for you to play with, in case you ran out of idea to chat with your friends. LOL..

Hah.. jawab jawab..


There were like hundred (??) cue cards in the box. Have fun!!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Big Bad Wolf Aftermath Sale!!

Yeahhhhh... It's back !!!! This sale is definitely worth going.. FYI, all books during their previous sale were in good condition. I guess scratched and damaged books are in minority group. Huda nak pesan? Hehe..

Wordless Wednesday #10 - Fakta kah?

credit to Zaharul Ashriq's FB. 

Monday, November 21, 2011

It Was An Awesome Sunday !!


Of these..

It was just around the corner so I thought I could just dropped by at Nivea Clearance Sale. Perhaps could restock some stuffs. Haha.. Yeahh.. 

The sale was held at DKSH, Jalan Universiti, just right after Jaya One. Scholl Warehouse Sale was here too!! And you know what? Clarks was having Clarks Warehouse Sale at Jaya One during that precious weekend. Woot wooooooott.. Super awesome. It's like killing 3 birds with 1 stone. Ain't that super awesome..

My haul for Nivea Clearance Sale.. Price?

Nivea stick Calm & Care : RM9 for 2.
Nivea spray Extra Whitening : RM15 for 4 bottles.
Eucerin lotion : RM10 for 4. 

My friends and I divided the stuffs into 2. Otherwise I don't know how long will it take for the products to finish by self using. I'm glad I was not alone. If not, I won't be getting the super sale price. Terima kasih kawan. Siap jumpa my junior kat situ lg. Sasha who is apparently working with Nivea now. You go girl!!

OK.. Here comes the most exciting part. 

I'm so glad that I didn't have to queue for hours, like reviewed by most customers for the 1st 2 days. In fact,  I queued for merely few seconds to get into the hall. Not really pack.. Still breathing nicely. But heck.. It was  Clarks sale.. Everyone went frantic despite there were only 3 Chinese guys who had to keep pushing the tables forward again and again because of the crowd cramped at the popular site : Clarks Group (I think).  Haha. The main key is PATIENT. They'll serve you one by one regardless the maniac they were facing. Kudos to you guys !!

My haul? * Sikit jerr...

Managed to grab only 1 pair for myself since size was a very critical issue on very last day of sale. My friend was lucky enough to grab one pair of Un Piper in brown just as she wished while we were sorting out shoes in the middle lane when one nice uncle approached us asking what size are we looking for.. lucky girl.. Huhu.. Owh.. It was RM100 for Un Piper .. Retail price was RM248. Goodness. 

That Rustic Edge? It was RM358. Sale price? RM190.. Super awesome.. 

Alhamdulillah.. I'm all smile even it was merely for a new pair of sandal. Save a lot of money since I was thinking to buy Fit Flop.. *Urut dada.. Phewww.. 

I'm sure my partner can't wait to claim his shoes.. 



Thursday, November 17, 2011

Climbing up Broga Hill

Salam and greeting bloggers...

It was fun!! Can't believe finally I made it up to Broga Hill. Although we didn't go up to the peak but it was certainly an experience. To hikers/climbers just shushhh will ya.. Hahahaa. Owh before that, please take note this entry is heavy loaded with photos. The journey itself will be divided into 2 entries. Over kan. (>.<) .. I departed from KL at 5.15 am. Late I know. Joined with the rest at Bangi at 5.40 am. We performed Subuh prayer at Masjid Semenyih. Lots of people already during that time. Then off to Broga Hill. The kebun kelapa sawit-parking area fee was RM2. The sun was rising already so, the dream to watch the sunrise went kaput

Here we go!!!

It was still a bit dark at 6.40 am . Everyone was still fresh and excited to conquer Broga Hill.

Half way there. This was like after several stop-checkpoints that we had.

Yang depan tu pendaki tegar. Yang belakang berbaju Arsenal Liverpool sama macam saya.. Naik Broga untuk kurangkan berat .. Hahahahahha..

Ok. Sempat..

This part was so steep. I sampai naik tak tgk bawah dah. Huhu. Pada yang dh biasa just shussshhh.. Senyap2 jer.

Half way up, the scenery was breathtaking. Terus tarik balik ckp tadi kata "This is my 1st and last coming up here" ... Next time nak naik lagi atas ke tempat yang belum sampai.

No idea which peak this is.

Since it was raining the night before, mud was all over the shoes.

Official shirt for Broga hill.. LOL.

Up up here we go.

Another pit stop.

No idea who that was.

That peak? We didn't go since it was sunny already. Panas. Tired too. 

View from top of a rock while having a photo taken upfront.

We went down at 9.30 am since it was getting hotter and sunnier. And mulalah keluar teori lapisan ozon yang makin nipis bermakna kita dh dekat dgn matahari .. Bla bla bla.. I'm sure most of you made that kind of theory as well, though in science term I'm not sure whether it is proven or not. You know better. 

Reached foothills in one piece. They sold coconut drink, mineral water etc. 

Luckily, I kept old newspapers in the boot-used as shoes mat. Less dirt for Bobo.

Yay !!!   

After that, we head off to Kampung Jeram Kedah which has an amazing-nice view waterfall.

Till then, see ya in next entry.

Cheers ..


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