Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Pleasures Bloom by Estee Lauder

The latest Pleasures Bloom to join the other Pleasures. I love this.. Fell in love instantly.. *Such a drama. Been eye-ing to have Sensuous added to my collection, as if I have any. But then, was introduced by the SA to Pleasures Bloom. Love Love!! Love the floral scent. Pleasures Bloom set which consists of a 50ml Pleasures Bloom & a miniature priced at RM180. Miniature spray type and seems like can be refilled.

Oh ya.. Another thing !! ESTEE LAUDER and COACH for a limited edition PWP collection.

Estee Lauder's new holiday gift sets are offered in a cute Limited Edition Coach makeup bag which are available in 3 colours : gold, silver and bright red. But it says not valid with value sets and accessories. I wonder were all the sets and boxes referred as value sets? I'm pretty sure they are. Right? For men perfume, they do have all 4 miniatures for RM180.

Will I get my hand on these babies?

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